3D Readiness

Having the Courage to Design in 3D TSVs

Having the Courage to Design in 3D TSVs

I don’t know why it still surprises me to read conflicting reports on the progress of 3D TSVs. But I think Ron Huemoeller, Amkor, finally hit on it in his closing remarks during today’s webcast, “TSV Packaging at the Tipping Point”, moderated by Pete Singer, Solid StateTechnology/Extension Media. Huemoeller’s presentation and that of David Butler, SPTS, once again reinforced wha... »

3D Readiness Report Card

3D ASIP 2013: Jan Vardaman’s 3D Readiness Report Card

While other presenters for the 2013 3D ASIP session, “Evolution of 3D Technologies and Market Trends” took a more conventional approach to reporting the status of 3D integration, Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International gets the prize for originality and humor for playing the role of “professor” and delivering the 3D readiness report card, grading progress in the key challenge areas. Her app... »