Musings From SEMICON West 2012

Tish LeBlanc, from TI: "How's your SEMICON West going? Me: "I was just trying to put it into words." It's Thursday, and another SEMICON West (my seventh) is winding down, and its the first time I've found time to write since Monday evening. As always, it's been a whirlwind of sessions, editorial appointments, networking events, and for the first time for me, video interviews. When presented with »

The Flip Side of the Glass Interposer Coin

We’ve been hearing and reading a lot about work being done at Georgia Tech’s PRC in developing glass interposer technologies as a low-cost alternative to silicon in 2.D and 3D applications. Mostly, it’s the cost benefits that are being touted. However, what sort of journalist would I be if I didn’t also report on the flip side of this technology? Today I spoke with Madhavan Swaminathan, w... »

2.5D and 3D Messages Worth Repeating

I listened in on yesterday’s webcast, 3D and 2.5D Integration: A Status Report Live Event  hosted by Solid State Technology, and while most of the information was similar to what I had heard at IMAPS Device Packaging Conference, EDPS, ECTC 2012, etc., they are clearly messages worth repeating, and some new interesting nuggets as well. Jan Vardaman, from TechSearch International, started things »

3D Company Updates

There are a couple of notable updates circulating this week involving companies in the 3D space. The first I saw was news from Sony that it has introduced its next-generation CMOS Image sensor they claim is “ the industry's smallest, CMOS image sensor and camera system”. The image sensor is a system-on-chip stacked structure featuring backside illumination (BSI). This is exciting progress for ... »

MonolithIC 3D Inc.’s 2D and 3D-ICs Simulator Tool is a Worldwide Hit

MonolithIC 3D Inc., a Silicon Valley startup specializing in 3D ICs, announces a milestone with its 2D and 3D ICs simulator tool. Industry professionals from 35 countries across the globe have downloaded the tool directly from the company’s website over 240 times. The MonolithIC 3D team has developed the open-source simulator called IntSim v2.5 to help study scaling trends and optimize chip powe... »

3D Panel Discusses the Evolving 2.5D/3D Infrastructure

Here’s something new from previous Device Packaging Conferences – rather than a panel largely populated by members of the EMC3D Consortium (ie: suppliers) moderated by either Jan Vardaman or Phil Garrou, the panel was populated by foundry and OSAT representatives, a fabless company, a market analyst, and  still moderated by Phil Garrou. Specifically, the panelists included Doug Yu TSMC; Jon G... »

2.5D and 3D Supply Chain Solutions – is there only one?

I had a bit of an “aha!” moment yesterday at the MEPTEC 2.5D, 3D and Beyond Conference, with regard to the whole supply chain conundrum that seems continues to be part of the 3D commercialization hold-up. After listening to Sunil Patel of GlobalFoundries and Rich Rice of ASE discuss their respective companies’ game plans, it hit me.  Perhaps there IS more than one way to skin this particula... »

And in My Spare Time…..

Things have been pretty crazy lately, what with wearing several hats and all. I spent two days in Silicon Valley last week visiting some companies on behalf of Chip Scale Review, and also at SEMI for an Advanced Packaging Committee meeting for SEMICON West to hammer out the 3D program.  When I wasn’t in meetings, I was working on a project in my latest role as principal analyst, Advanced Packag... »

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