• A new book on 2.5D and 3D integration, written by Riko Radojcic and published by Springer, will soon be available. The book addresses the current status of More-than-Moore system-in-package (SiP) technologies […]

  • Much has been written about the challenges that corporations face – especially established corporations – in adapting to a disruptive technology and the associated paradigm shifts. Most of the tomes on the subj […]

    • Riko, this is a great analysis of some of the technology tradeoffs being considered today in advanced packaging, but your use of the words “disruptive” and “sustaining” are quite different from that of the business school professor who put them in the forefront of our lexicon…

      As Andy Grove is said to have recognized when Christensen was giving his presentation at Intel, it is really not about technology, but about markets. Those who want to bring new technologies into the mainstream have to see if they support (sustain) the existing products (as seen by the customers). Otherwise they have to find new customers who value the very features which may be seen as disadvantages by the existing market.

      From my perspective, that opportunity is presented most clearly by wearable applications (both consumer and medical) where the margins are relatively low and performance is far from state of the art, but form factor and power consumption are critical “go/no go” issues. The ultimate in miniaturization will be worth something to those markets.

    • Thank you. Good point re ‘disruptive definition’. I was using the term to collectively describe 2.5D and 3D type of technologies – mostly because I believe that successful deployment of these technologies requires substantial changes at the chip architecture and/or design level, i.e. these technologies cannot just be retrofitted to existing designs. IMHO. Hence ‘disruptive’.
      Agreed re discrimination between difference in disruptive impact on technology vs on markets, and the opportunity with the wearables… Thanks


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