Guest bloggers from across the supply chain and from various market segments contribute to provide insight on the implications of 3D integration technologies. Industry experts who have something to say are invited to participate.

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3D Powered: From Image Sensors to Artificial Intelligence

The widespread deployment of 3D stacked CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) in consumer electronics, namely smartphones, by handset makers domestic (Apple, iPhone) and overseas (Samsung, Galaxy), is certain proof that 3D integration technologies pivoted over the last ten years from being something useful only for fairly esoteric applications and high ASP products, to being a technology that reached the right... »


3D InCites Turns 10: A Brief Analysis of the 3D Journey

I cannot believe 3D InCites is already turning 10! As wise people say, time flies!  Taking a step back, I have to admit a lot of progress has been made since my first attendance as a young engineer to the EMC 3D workshops back in 2008. At that time, we were discussing how to form a via, how to fill it, how to use a temporary wafer carrier to process thin wafers…etc. We are definitely more m... »

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Advanced Packaging Trends – Part II: Solving Lithography Challenges

Part 1 of this advanced packaging (AP) article series focused on solving photoresist (PR) strip and under bump metallization (UBM) / redistribution layer (RDL) challenges. This article looks at AP trends from a lithography standpoint and proposes solutions to associated lithography challenges. The need for advanced packaging solutions is greater than ever as the world continues to demand increased... »

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Advanced Packaging Trends, Part I: Solving PR Strip and UBM/RDL Challenges

Over the years, the semiconductor industry has relentlessly focused on shrinking gate dimensions to drive performance. This focus has now transitioned to the packaging side as customers are shifting from wire bonding to flip chip for use in wafer level packaging (WLP). According to VLSI Research, about 35% of chips are currently packaged using WLP techniques. Advanced packaging opportunities slowe... »

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European 3D Summit 2018: Fraunhofer Tour and Presentations 

This year’s European 3D Summit in Dresden, which highlighted “Heterogeneous Integration Driving 3D”, was led off by presentations and a lab tour of the Fraunhofer Institute, whose 18 high-performance centers collaborate with companies, universities and other research institutes in Germany.  All pictures and diagrams courtesy of Fraunhofer IZM. The Fraunhofer IZM presentation was introdu... »

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Can We Thank Aristotle for Heterogeneous Integration?

A couple of years ago we may not have predicted that in 2018 there would be a growing demand for high-end chips specifically for global cryptocurrency mining. Those taking part in this search for hashes have a glimmer in their eye similar to those consumed by the hope and frenzy of a gold rush. The rush of getting to the answer first, and of course the alluring reward paid in Bitcoin, is driving p... »

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Breakthroughs in 3D Chip Technology Lead to Cooling With Microfluidics and 3D Printing

  2017 saw a clear breakthrough for 3D chip technology in commercial products. Before then, the industry had looked rather skeptically at 3D, but now it is beginning to realize that 3D does not necessarily have to cost more money. Better still, it creates new possibilities and opportunities. 3D on the market In 2017 we saw 3D chip technology start to appear in a range of different commercial ... »

2018 Industry Outlook: It’s Time to Get Serious about 5G

While the entire semiconductor industry is buzzing about explosive and sustained growth well into the 2020s driven by smart everything (homes, cities, industry), automotive electronics, artificial intelligence and more, what’s truly exciting is how we are going to support the connectivity of all those applications. 5G is where it all comes together. Without it, connecting all this disparate data... »

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A Material Solution for the Growing 3D Imaging Market

With emerging markets developing for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), facial-recognition security systems, advanced human/machine interfaces and other 3D imaging applications, the need for 3D camera systems is booming. These 3D cameras require CMOS image sensors that are capable of working in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. In 2018, a towering wave of 3D imaging and sensing products... »

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2018 Outlook for Advanced Packaging Materials

Advanced packaging is moving mainstream as manufacturers continue to seek ways to improve device performance beyond traditional scaling. The semiconductor industry is also witnessing increasing investments in packaging, in terms of capabilities, capacity, and infrastructure from the assembly and packaging houses. All this attention on packaging is primarily driven by the need to deliver highly int... »

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