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Happy Holidays, from all the elves at 3D InCites!

The semiconductor industry could learn a few things from Santa’s elves. How about devices that package themselves? These guys may be onto something. Check it out. »

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Seen on the Scene at Electronica 2018

This was my first Electronica, and all I can say is – It is massive. It covered everything to do with the electronics supply chain, from chip design to the chip itself, to the package, component, subassembly, circuit board, through to test and measurement, and enclosures, switches, the works. While my focus for this trip was SEMICON Europa, I took the long way to hall A4, wandering through the E... »

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Seen on the Scene at SEMICON Europa 2018

SEMICON Europa was an island in the vast sea of Electronica. It occupied one hall out of 18. But without that hall full of equipment, process, and material suppliers, the other 17 wouldn’t have any reason to exist. Think about that for a bit. There’s a reason “Semiconductors drive smart” was SEMI’s chosen theme for the event.  Rather than attend all the sessions in the tech arena, I cho... »

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Closing Out My 2018 Conference Season With SEMICON Europa and Electronica

In the past 10 weeks, I’ve attended five conferences: two in Europe, and three in California. Two focused on MEMS and sensors, two on advanced packaging, and one that tied everything all together. At all of these events, the themes were consistent: advanced packaging rules; automotive and IoT is driving the train, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are the ones to watch on the hype... »

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The MSEC 2018 Technology Showcase: Who Owns the Data?

The competition was fierce and the stakes high for the annual MSEC 2018 technology showcase. which took place during the MEMS and Sensors Executive Congress, in Napa CA. The winner gets a free table next year and is expected to share their progress. After a rapid-fire session of presentations and time to visit demo tables, their fate is in the hands of the attendees who have 24 hours to vote for t... »

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MSEC 2018 Keynote Speaker Examines the Growing Importance of Cybersecurity

Just over a year ago, Napa Valley was in flames, and the annual MEMS and Sensors Executive Congress (MSEC) had to be relocated from the Silverado Resort and Spa, located on the fringes of the Atlas Fire, to its sister hotel in San Jose, CA. So, it was with a bit of trepidation that I drove the switchbacks from Sacramento Airport to Napa to attend MSEC 2018 at the Silverado, October 28-30, 2018. Wh... »

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Talking Nerdy with Exhibitors at IWLPC 2018

With heterogeneous integration, 3D, and advanced wafer-level packaging technologies officially declared the rising stars of the semiconductor industry, materials, process and equipment suppliers have pulled out their shiniest bells and whistles. Here’s a sampling of news and products that were on display at IWLCP 2018, October 23-25, 2018 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose. Indium Corporation... »

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Bridging the Interconnect Pitch Gap Calls for 3D Technologies

Last week at IWLPC, keynote speaker, Doug Yu, TSMC, kicked off the event with a similar storyline used by ASE’s Tien Wu during his IMAPS Symposium keynote earlier this month: High-performance applications like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, autonomous driving, and even high-end smartphones are driving the continuation of Moore’s Law augmented by More than Moore. This need for high-performan... »

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Hello, Microelectronics and Packaging? Your Opportunities are Calling

There’s no doubt about it. This is a good time to be in the microelectronics and packaging sector of the semiconductor industry. With exciting markets like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and the internet of things  (IoT) technologies moving from ideas to implementation, this previously tired segment of the semiconductor industry is poised for action and faces abundant opportunities. “The s... »


How Do We Create Smart Cities Without Exploiting Personal Data?

Creating smart cities while also protecting the personal data of its citizens is no easy task these days, particularly with growing public awareness and concern about how their data is being used and shared. It’s become a challenge particularly in Europe, where urban designs lend themselves well to smart city concepts, yet the region’s dedication to protecting citizen data is of paramount impo... »

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