09/19/2023 -12:00 am

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Today, Industrial digitalization is not a buzz any longer, but has become central to modern operations. As a key supplier to the electronics; semiconductor, package substrate and PCB industries we have understood that we can deliver an important contribution to this development within our industries, as we combine deep knowledge on equipment, the chemical processes and software engineering. The combination is essential to increase production knowledge, efficiency and product quality for our customers.

On Tuesday, September 19th, Mikalai Kuchuk, Head of Product and UX, Industrial Digital Solutions for MKS’ Atotech brand will introduce the Digital Factory Suite – our new digital platform that combines IIoT technologies and intelligent use of production data to optimize operations and increase the performance of the production equipment and its products goods. During the webinar Mikalai will demonstrate the multiple digital applications available and our latest capability of the Smart Production Operations app that can be a game changer for PCB manufacturers in many aspects of production from resourceful operations, energy and waste management to improving quality of the final product.

We look forward to seeing you during this webinar. To join, click on the link below: