12/13/2017 - 12/15/2017 -12:00 am

Location: Tokyo Big SIght

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Dream’s Start Here is the theme of SEMICON Japan 2017, which takes place in Tokyo December 13-15, 2017. This year’s event will demonstrate SEMI’s efforts in representing the entire electronics manufacturing supply chain. Japan is home to more than 160 fabs (excluding R&D and pilot facilities). Toshiba, Sony, and Renesas Electronics are among the fabs to spend more than US$ 1 billion for equipping this year. Also, the 160+ fabs consumed 15 percent of the materials supplied to the global market in 2016, according to SEMI Materials Market Data Subscription. The SEMICON Japan exposition floors will feature global electronics manufacturing supply chain companies with the latest products and technologies.

Japan is home to several leading car manufacturers that are driving the development to make cars smarter. Toyota will exhibit their power device technologies at SEMICON Japan 2017, and Nissan will present its strategies on the stage along with key component suppliers such as NVIDIA and Hitachi Automotive Systems at the SuperTHEATER. Also, Tesla will exhibit its latest model on the show floor. SEMICON Japan will connect automotive industry to the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. Additionally, In the Smart Manufacturing industry, Japan plays a significant role in industrial robotics, which supplies 54 percent of robots to the global industry.

Explore the exhibits that cover the entire device manufacturing processes in three zones; Front-end Process Zone, Back-end & Overall Process Zone, and Components & Materials Zone, along with the pavilions and stages to supplements the exhibits.

Drones represent the latest sensor technologies and rapidly growing in popularity in industrial, commercial and military usages. All about Drones will include an exploded drone exhibit, drone lectures and drone manipulating experiences.

The World of IoT is a showcase for IoT applications and the enabling technologies. The growth of IoT applications presents new opportunities for the companies across the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain.

Meet startups through pitch presentations and exhibits that will bring new ideas into our industry. The ideas, technologies and business models that you have never seen may be waiting for your attention, interests, and collaborations.

SEMICON Japan theme pavilions and regional pavilions will connect you to the technologies and markets that may bring you new opportunities.