TSV Pavilion

03/20/2013 -All Day

Location: SEMICON China

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Nowadays, electronic products are becoming shorter, smaller, thinner, and lighter. To meet these requirements, we need to scale down the wafer size according to Moore’s Law. However, as the scale of the chip size shrinks, Moore’s Law has reached its limit, What shall we do beyond Moore’s Law? SEMI China will hold a forum to discuss the solution of 3D Integration and and analyze the market trend of this technology.


  • Market Analysis of 3DIC
  • Approaches Overview of 3DIC Integration
  • New Materials in 3DIC Integration
  • Testing of 3DIC Integration
  • Modeling of 3DIC Integration
  • Roadmap Discussion of 3DIC in China
  • Challenges of 3D IC Development in China
  • EDA Tools Support for 3DIC
  • Panel Discussion

TSV Pavilion
TSV Pavilion is an added exhibition section in SEMICON China and will supply a platform to display key equipments in current TSV technology, TVS packaging materials and relevant technical service from the perspective of electronic system application and market demand.

For more information and to register visit the 3D IC Technology Forum Page on the SEMICON China 2013 Website