05/22/2013 -All Day

Location: Holiday Inn

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This year’s MEPTEC’s 11th Annual MEMS Technology Symposium, MEMS Enabled eHealth Revolution, will explore MEMS and NEMS based applications for emerging health care on-body, off-body and in-body.

For inanimate objects, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensing is sufficiently accurate. Measuring and providing meaningful information about people, however, is significantly more complex. This challenge may be why some technologists differentiate types of sensors based on their location: off-body, on-body (wearable), and in-body (implantable or digestible), as their packaging and functionality significantly vary.

Invited speakers will focus on sensors, actuators, and architectures that enable the eHealth revolution. Technologies that increase the accuracy or reliability of devices, lower manufacturing costs, and/or enable unique diagnostics or treatment will be highlighted.

For a full description of the event including speaker abstracts and registration information, visit the MEMS Technology Symposium website.