12/13/2016 -5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Lost in the Fan Out packaging maze? Get some guidance from Yole Group for the most dynamic Advanced Packaging market.


Moore’s law reaching its limits opened the door for innovation beyond IC scaling. Advanced Packaging is becoming increasingly important introducing technologies with the capability to change the value chain! Among them, Fan-Out Packaging is currently experiencing the most dynamic hype… Everybody is considering going Fan-Out! But why is that solution such a hot topic and is the attention deserved? Numerous Fan-Out platforms are available and under development. Do they address the same markets? Is there room for everyone?

Based on the most recent reports from Yole Développement, latest teardowns from System Plus Consulting and patent landscape analyses from KnowMade, the Yole Group, a joint collaboration of companies, proposes an in-depth review of the strategy, business, and technology trends that impact the Fan-Out industry, with a focus on the different Fan-Out platforms and their markets.

Speakers: Jérôme Azémar, Market & Technology Analyst – Advanced Packaging & Manufacturing, Yole Développement – Nicolas Baron, CEO and co-founder, Knowmade – Romain Fraux MEMS Devices, IC’s and Advanced Packaging Project Manager, System Plus Consulting

Moderator: Camille Veyrier, Marketing & Communication Project Manager, Yole Développement

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