- BiTS Workshop 2013

03/03/2013 - 03/06/2013 -11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Hilton Phoenix East

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The Burn-in Test Strategies Workshop (BiTS) is the world’s premier workshop dedicated to providing a forum for the latest information about burn-in and test tooling, and related fields. At BiTS you’ll find a comprehensive technical program, exhibits of the latest products and services, and many opportunities to meet, network and explore ideas with other test and burn-in strategies professionals.

Of particular interest this year to 3D IC enthusiasts is a segment called “Talking Points”, BiTS Workshop’s answer to the panel discussion that takes place Monday, March 4, from 1-2:30pm. The topic of this  inaugural event is Interconnectology: Inspiring a Paradigm Shift, co-presented with 3D InCites and Impress Labs and hosted by the Queen of 3D, Françoise von Trapp. Guest appearances include interconnectology experts, Scott Jewler of ANSI; Simon McElrea, of Invensas; Tim Olson, of Deca Technologies; and Ira Feldman, Feldman Engineering.

There is a grass-roots initiative to introduce terminology to the semiconductor manufacturing that better defines processes used to build the next-generation of IC devices. Rather than ‘advanced packaging’ the emphasis should be placed on the ‘advanced interconnect’ step. Whereas packaging used to be about protection, electrical connection and thermal management, it is now more about pitch translation, and the terminology should reflect that. Additionally, a specialized skillset has been defined to support these processes that overlap wafer-level and packaging skills. This knowledge base includes materials science, mechanical and electrical engineering. As such, Interconnectologists specializing in Interconnectology will carve a new space in the industry.

Get ready to participate in this animated, interactive discussion that will have you spreading the Interconnectology word in your circles. Prizes will be awarded for audience interaction.

Featured Guests

Scott Jewler, Senior VP, Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions Incorporated (ANSI)
With over 20 years of semiconductor assembly and test experience and more than 15 years of experience managing business line P&L and driving operational efficiency in the OSAT industry, Scott Jewler has garnered a deep appreciation of the strategic value of the semiconductor business model. Jewler’s experience in sales, marketing, manufacturing and technology has given him strong insight into the business and technology trends driving the industry.  Additionally, his technical expertise was demonstrated through his vital role in the development and commercialization of the Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) package format, which is widely used in the global market today. He holds five U.S. patents in the area of integrated circuit packaging, out of which three are related to QFN package structure and process.  Prior to joining ANSI, Scott held senior executive roles at several of the worlds leading semiconductor assembly and test service providers including Powertech Technology, Inc., STATS ChipPAC and Amkor.

Simon McElrea, President, Invensas Corporation 
As President of Invensas Corporation, McElrea has set a course for the company to become known as The Interconnectology Company. He is an established corporate leader in high-tech and green technology businesses, with a special focus on Intellectual Property, start-ups, strategic development and marketing.  Prior to Invensas, McElrea was managing partner at Alpha-Venture Consulting, where he specialized in intellectual property, and strategy and technology consultancy. His unique skill set was also well utilized in various senior executive positions at Vertical Circuits, Amkor Technology, Honeywell and Johnson Mathey.


Tim Olson, Founder President and CEO, Deca TechnologiesIn 2009, Tim Olson founded Deca Technologies with the intention of transforming electronic interconnect. Deca’s vision of how technology and processes can be improved addresses many of the key challenges associated with advanced packaging technology, driven by a single goal of providing breakthrough products and services. Prior to Deca Olson was Senior VP of research and development and emerging technologies at Amkor Technology, where he managed the business and technology direction of several large product groups. His career in the semiconductor space include various executive and management roles and at Micro Component Technology, Fico b.v., and Motorola Semiconductor Products. Olson holds nine issued United States patents relating to packaging, software, equipment, process and design.


Ira Feldman, Principal Consultant, Feldman Engineering Corp.
Ira Feldman manages and develops unique high technology solutions and business strategies for clients of Feldman Engineering Corp. His goal is to resolve product management and engineering challenges within organizations as well as with their supply chain and customers. His broad knowledge and management experience with high-volume manufacturing of complex technology products is the result of extensive expertise in the semiconductor test and computer test industries. Prior to establishing his consulting firm, Feldman served as VP Business Development at Microfabrica, where he brought to market many new applications for the company’s breakthrough technology platform that enables the creation of sub-millimeter, 3D, fully-assembled micro-machines and precision parts. Other industry roles include management positions at NanoNexus, Agilent Technologies, and Hewlett Packard. His “High Technology Business Development” blog at www.hightechbizdev.com often covers nanotechnology, MEMS, semiconductor, and test topics.

For more information on Interconnectology, read the 3D InCites blog post, Introducing Interconnectology: A Call to Arms.