At Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID, It’s All Silicon, All the Time

One of 60 research institutes that make up Germany’s Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM is known worldwide for its work in the realm of microelectronic packaging and system integration. The center ASSID (which stands for All Silicon System Integration Dresden) was established as a division of Fraunhofer IZM with the core mission of developi... »

EV Group,Triple I at Work: The Sequel

Two years ago, I visited EV Group’s world headquarters in Schärding, Austria, and wrote about what they call their Triple I approach to success. Triple I stands for Invent, Innovate, Implement, and refers to EVG’s mission of getting into whatever market they target at the ground level, investing 20% of its revenue in R&D, and working alongside customers to bring new technologies to marke... »

CEA-Leti: The Mother Ship Re-visted

Last time I visited Leti on the Minatec Campus was in October 2009.  Recently, when I was back for Leti’s Annual Research Reviews, Mark Scannell, head of the 3D integration program, took me on another tour. A lot has been going on here in the past 2 years. For one thing, the building I saw going up in its early stages has been completed.  There’s now a showroom displaying all the nifty »

3D Integration Research, SEMATECH Style

SEMATECH’s story is one that is truly built upon the essence of collaboration.  SEMATECH is not a traditional research center.  Rather, it is a technology research consortium that exists to serve the best interests of its worldwide members and partners. Originally established in Austin, TX as an experiment in combining government and industry to further the development of semiconductor t... »

EV Group: “Triple I” at Work

It’s a good story that’s been 30 years in the making. From its founding by Erich and Aya Maria Thallner in 1980 and subsequent launch of the world’s first double-sided mask aligner for the emerging MEMS market five years later; to its most recent industry-first launch of a fully-automated wafer bonding system for high-brightness light emitting diode (HB-LED) manufacturing; EV Group has adhe... »

SPTS: A Wild Ride to Success

A year ago, things weren’t looking so great for Aviza Technologies. According to Kevin Crofton, executive VP, SPTS and managing director of the UK division, the company was in Chapter 11, mainly because its thermal division in Scotts Valley was heavily DRAM focused and was deeply affected when that market collapsed. Then to add fuel to the fire, Qimonda, one of its main customers, went i... »

Canon Marketing Japan: A Causeway to the Japanese Market

It’s no secret that Japan has its own ideas of how to do pretty much everything.  The culture is an interesting mix of ancient tradition, ceremony, modernization, and technological advancement.  The centuries-old Imperial Palace and grounds, home to the sitting Emperor, is surrounded by the steel-and-glass cosmopolitan city of Tokyo.  A complex, intricate, state-of-the-art public transp... »

Inside CEA-Leti’s 3D Toolbox

Grenoble-based research institute CEA-Leti’s progress is fueled by a single mission: create innovation and transfer it to industry. The goal is to reach marketability within 5 years. As such, Leti’s focus is less on the feasibility of a technology, and more on the probability of that technology being viable in volume production. When it comes to 3D integration, achieving this goal has resulted... »

NEXX Systems

It’s easy to see why NEXX is experiencing growth. It’s all about attitude, and the enthusiasm among NEXX’s team is contagious. I spent yesterday afternoon (Thursday, March 5) visiting the company’s new headquarters in Billerica, MA, meeting with the executive team, and touring the manufacturing facility. The team had lots of exciting news to share, and brought me up to speed on the tec... »

SUSS MicroTec

It’s been a few years since I toured the US headquarters of SUSS MicroTec in Waterbury VT, so when general manager, Wilfried Bair invited me out to see their latest toolset developed with 3D integration processes in mind, and get the scoop on the company’s new temporary bonding and debonding system, I jumped at the chance. »

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