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Inside CEA-Leti’s 3D Toolbox

Grenoble-based research institute CEA-Leti’s progress is fueled by a single mission: create innovation and transfer it to industry. The goal is to reach marketability within 5 years. As such, Leti’s focus is less on the feasibility of a technology, and more on the probability of that technology being viable in volume production. When it comes to 3D integration, achieving this goal has resulted... »

NEXX Systems

It’s easy to see why NEXX is experiencing growth. It’s all about attitude, and the enthusiasm among NEXX’s team is contagious. I spent yesterday afternoon (Thursday, March 5) visiting the company’s new headquarters in Billerica, MA, meeting with the executive team, and touring the manufacturing facility. The team had lots of exciting news to share, and brought me up to speed on the tec... »

SUSS MicroTec

It’s been a few years since I toured the US headquarters of SUSS MicroTec in Waterbury VT, so when general manager, Wilfried Bair invited me out to see their latest toolset developed with 3D integration processes in mind, and get the scoop on the company’s new temporary bonding and debonding system, I jumped at the chance. »

Alchimer: A Growing Concept

In an understated research lab and recently upgraded demo facility located just outside Paris in Massy, France, Alchimer scientists are working diligently to prove the readiness of an elegant and innovative electrochemical-based process for the growth of nanometric thin films of various types on both conducting and semiconducting surfaces. The technology has the potential to revolutionize proc... »

Soitec unleashes the Power of Three

A walk across the impressive Bernin, France campus that is home to two of Soitec Group’s three divisions takes you past three production-level fab facilities – aptly named Bernin 1, Bernin 2, and Bernin 3, plus a development facility. The company’s three-stage business model encompasses innovation, licensing, and production to allow for seamless transfer of full technology and process... »

CEA-Leti: A visit to the mother ship

If your company is located in France, and/or is involved in micro and nanotechnologies for microelectronics, chances are it’s either a spin out of Leti, its parent organization CEA, or is closely tied in ongoing collaboration to this major European research center for applied electronics. At least that is the impression I came away with after visiting Leti at its Minatec campus in Grenoble, ... »

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