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When 3D is 3D IC, and When it’s Not

Some of the best news to read (especially on a Friday) is non-news, like this report by Ann Steffora Mutschler, in SemiMD on how 3D ICs will not impact computational lithography tools. According to her sources, this particularly true with regards to TSVs, because of their large size in comparison with feature sizes lithography tools are used to dealing with when fabricating 3D transistors or FinFE... »

Leti’s Open 3D Targets Niche Market Players

Last week, CEA-Leti launched its Open 3D initiative to the 3D world in an effort to make its mature 3D technologies accessible to industrial and academic partners for their advanced products and research projects. Wanting to learn more about this offer than was detailed in the press release, I interviewed Leti’s David Henry, Open 3D project manager. He not only provided answers to my questions, ... »

A Smorgasbord of 3D News

Sometimes there’s just a bunch of random stuff that catches my eye over the course of a week, and I set it aside until it gels into something that can be crafted into a topical curated piece. This is not one of those times.  What we have here is a collection of important news in the 3D world that you should probably, if you haven’t already. I read about PTI’s ramp of its logic IC backend b... »

The Great 3D Supply Chain Debate: The Handoff

The supply chain business model for manufacturing 3D stacked ICS has caused perhaps one of the hottest debates so far in commercializing 3D semiconductor processes.  It’s easy to see why. Beyond the rather obvious question of who will own the liability of damaged devices, there’s a good deal of revenue at stake for those who make the investment in adding capacity for middle end of the line (M... »

Alchimer’s Taiwanese Expansion Emphasizes Total Solution Strategy

Last week’s announcement of Alchimer’s expansion into Taiwan via its Representative agreement with Kromax International Corp. further exemplifies the company’s strategy to provide not only a disruptive process, but the infrastructure with which to execute. Kromax is a Taiwanese company that represents semiconductor and flat-panel equipment manufacturers and material suppliers in the Asian ma... »

3D: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

This column by Francoise von Trapp appeared in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Chip Scale Review It sums up a lot of what was said at various 3D IC events over the past few months. A year ago, there were still skeptics in the room at the annual 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging conference, sponsored by RTI’s Tech Venture Forum. This year, not a single hand went up when Phi... »

Alchimer creates launch pad for industrialization

Launching a disruptive technology into an industry that is set in their ways is not a job for sissies. But Alchimer’s CEO, Steve Lerner, is clearly a man of action. »

Suppliers offer solutions to TSV formation challenges

As part of the 3D tracks at both this year’s International Wafer Level Packaging Conference, held October 27-30 in Santa Clara, CA; and the 2009 IMAPS International Symposium, held Nov 3-5 in San Jose, CA, several suppliers offered up solutions addressing current limitations in via etch, insulation/barrier/seed layers, and fill process steps for 3D TSVs. »

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