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European 3D TSV Summit Interview: Gilles Fresquet

Fogale Nanotech has been on my radar with its 3D TSV metrology solutions ever since I noticed their booth last summer at SEMICON West. Sometimes it takes an occasion such as a pre-arranged interview at the European 3D TSV Summit for a connection to finally take place. I was happy to have such a moment last week, and sat down with Gilles Fresquet, to learn more about Fogale’s metrology solutions ... »

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3D App Update

Because someday soon, we will find more 3D TSV devices than just CMOS image sensors inside mobile applications, I like to keep my eyes and ears open for what’s going on in those areas. Here are a few interesting tidbits I came across lately. Forget what you heard about TSMC manufacturing the next A6 processor.  According to SemiWiki blogger, Daniel Nenni, this rumor is false! He says this is be... »

2013 Predictions for 3D ICs as told by Everyone – Part 2

2013 Predictions for 3D ICs as told by Everyone – Part 2

No sooner did I post last week’s curation of predictions for the semiconductor industry, and particularly for 3D ICs, than several more popped up online. I suspect this type of thing to continue for the next few weeks, and I will try and continue to cherry-pick the ones that made reference to 3D integration. In a Semiconductor Packaging News Viewpoint, Doug Goodman, CEO, Ridgetop Group, Inc. tal... »

2013 Predictions for 3D ICs as told by Everyone – Part 1

2013 Predictions for 3D ICs as told by Everyone – Part 1

It’s that time of year again when various electronics trade publications invite industry executives to peer into their crystal balls and make their predictions for the coming year. I’ve been perusing through everything from overall industry forecasts by market analysts to suppliers eager to promote their core competencies for 3D IC manufacturing. Here are some that especially caught my attenti... »

MonolithIC 3D's PDN concept f removing heat from 3D ICs.

Tying up 2012 3D IC Loose Ends

I don’t know about you, but I always find that amidst the holiday hubbub, the really important stuff gets shoved aside and falls through the cracks. Just in case you missed them, here are some good 3D related posts that may have been lost in the December race to “get it all done” so we could enjoy the holidays. On the topic of the 3D IC supply chain, SemiMD’s Mark LePedus wrote a comprehen... »

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Temporary Bond/Debond: Not Ready for 3D TSV Prime TIme

It’s too bad SUSS MicroTec’s Wilfried Bair was one of the last presenters on Friday at 3D Architecures for Systems in Packaging Symposium (3DASIP), Dec. 14, 2012, because more people should have been present to hear what he had to say. While most presenters focused on successes and future work for optimization and lower cost of ownership, he really went out on a limb to explain why there are s... »

ACM Research team at 3D ASIP 2012.

ACM Research: New Kid on the 3D Block

Yesterday at the pre-conference symposium for 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging (3D ASIP), I was fortunate to get an up close and personal tutorial preview by David Wang, CEO of ACM Research, on the tool manufacturer’s latest process solution for two critical points in the TSV fabrication process. The first is a TSV clean process that puts a new twist on existing conc... »

The Other 3D: IEDM 2012 Zeroes in on 3D Memory and 3D Transistors

The Other 3D: IEDM 2012 Zeroes in on 3D Memory and 3D Transistors

Previews of IEDM 2012, which got underway today in San Francisco, indicate a program this year rich in content on 3D transistors and 3D memory technologies, with very little focus on 3D ICs using TSVs. My take on this is that IEDM papers are generally focuses on processes and technologies in early development. So while there was a lot to talk about in past years, 3D TSV technologies have matured p... »

3D Company Updates

3D Company Updates

There are a couple of notable updates circulating this week involving companies in the 3D space. The first I saw was news from Sony that it has introduced its next-generation CMOS Image sensor they claim is “ the industry’s smallest, CMOS image sensor and camera system”. The image sensor is a system-on-chip stacked structure featuring backside illumination (BSI). This is exciting progres... »

3D TSVs: Will Europe Lead the Way?

The first European 3D TSV Summit (January 22-23, 2013) hasn’t even happened yet, and already its intended message is becoming clear: Europe is ready to tackle those remaining issues and lead the world down the home stretch. It makes sense, since Europe’s R&D centers (imec, CEA Leti, Fraunhofer IZM) has been leading the way from the beginning, its foundries and IDMs (ST Microelectronics an... »

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