3D TSVs: Will Europe Lead the Way?

The first European 3D TSV Summit (January 22-23, 2013) hasn’t even happened yet, and already its intended message is becoming clear: Europe is ready to tackle those remaining issues and lead the world down the home stretch. It makes sense, since Europe’s R&D centers (imec, CEA Leti, Fraunhofer IZM) has been leading the way from the beginning, its foundries and IDMs (ST Microelectronics an... »

3D IC Blogosphere Update

After wrapping up a run of blog posts from two weeks of travel and 4 conferences,(IWLPC 2012, the IEEE 3D Test Workshop, and MEPTEC’s co-located Roadmaps to Multi-die Integration and Known Good Die Symposium) it’s time to catch my breath and see what else has been going on in the 3D blogosphere. From the looks of Phil Garrou’s SST post, I missed out on hanging with “many of the world's 3... »

This Week in 3D IC News (Oct 8-12)

All Programmable PlanetToday All Programmable Planet’s newsletter appeared in my inbox, with a great post by Max Maxfield on the Xilinx family of 3D FPGAs.  Beyond the detailed descriptions of Xilinx’ products, and explanation between the difference between 3D FPGA and 3D Heterogeneous FPGA, I especially like Max’s musings on page two, about the realm of possibilities that could be achieved »

Important stuff – but first, some 3D Friday fun

Fridays just kind of creep up on you, don’t they?  It’s been a busy week in the 3D blogosphere – and not just on 3D Incites. I’m a little disappointed that nobody wanted to play the “how do you use your mobile device”  game I started on Monday with these two questions at the end of my post. So lets try again. Please post answers at the bottom in the content area here. Maybe its more ... »

3D in the iPhone 5 and Other Teardown Discoveries

“It’s just like peeling a banana” reads the caption on one  teardown photo describing the careful dissection of the iPhone 5. . But if you really want to see how it was done, check out this initial teardown video produced by iFixit.  It’s been 3 days since Chipworks tweeted anything interesting about the iPhone 5. The last was to ID the source of the A6 processor – which they’ve c... »

Apple iPhone 5 Teardown; More on FinFets; Thoughts on 3D Test; (and some Friday Fun at the End)

Somehow the social media “shares” on Friday are more lighthearted than the rest of the week. Today, all the excitement was divided up between the iPhone 5 teardown and the last flight of the spaceshuttle Endeavor, as it toured its way up the California coastline riding piggyback on a 747. Here’s a link to collected tweets at #spottheshuttle  and #endeavor, and a great video shot by the MCA »

When 3D is 3D IC, and When it’s Not

Some of the best news to read (especially on a Friday) is non-news, like this report by Ann Steffora Mutschler, in SemiMD on how 3D ICs will not impact computational lithography tools. According to her sources, this particularly true with regards to TSVs, because of their large size in comparison with feature sizes lithography tools are used to dealing with when fabricating 3D transistors or FinFE... »

Ziptronix Takes on 3D Memory

After seeing the latest press release on Ziptronix foray into the memory space, I sought out Kathy Cook, business development manager at Ziptronix, at ECTC to get the full story.  We’ve been reading and hearing a lot about Ziptronix ZiBond process being used in CMOS image sensor (BSI) technology, and particularly in its recent partnership with Sony for CIS with backside illumination (BSI). Zi... »

Glass vs. Silicon Interposers for 2.5D and 3D IC Applications

There has been enough interest stirred up in R&D around glass as a low-cost alternative interposer substrate material compared with silicon, that there was an entire session dedicated to developments in that area at the 2012 IMAPS International Device Packaging conference, held March 5-8 in Scottsdale, AZ.  Rao Tummala, of Georgia Tech’s 3D Packaging Center, started things off, touting th... »

Perspectives on 3D Integration: The Researchers

To listen to John Lau, of ITRI, speak on the topic of 3D integration is to experience a passion for technology that rivals no other; except perhaps that of Rao Tummala of Georgia Tech.  But John is definitely more vocal in his passion. Rao has a softer, gentler approach.  At this year’s IWLPC in Santa Clara, both expressed their perspectives on what they see as the most cost effective ... »

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