Indium Corporation

2023 Edition. In Materials Supplier of the Year

In response to the ongoing miniaturization of semiconductor packages as seen in fine-pitch SiP and heterogeneous integration applications, Indium Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of solder pastes designed for ultrafine-pitch printing. SiPaste® Solder Paste series is specifically designed for fine feature printing with state-of-the-art fine powders ranging from Type 5 to Type 7. Manufactured using advanced, high-tech methods, they help customers Avoid the Void®, reduce slumps, and demonstrate consistent superior printing performance.

Among its offerings, award-winning SiPaste® C201HF is specifically formulated to accommodate fine feature printing, combining superior non-wet open performance with excellent stencil print transfer efficiency to satisfy the broadest range of process requirements and boost SPI yields. Additionally, SiPaste® 3.2HF has been adopted by leading OSATs and has been used in more than 5 billion mobile FEM SiP modules.