NanoCleave™ IR Laser Release Technology

2023 Edition. In Process of the Year

NanoCleave is a revolutionary layer release technology for silicon that enables ultra-thin layer stacking for front-end processing, including advanced logic, memory and power device formation, as well as advanced packaging. It is a fully front-end-compatible layer release technology featuring an IR laser that can pass through silicon. Coupled with the use of specially formulated inorganic layers, this technology enables an IR laser-initiated release of any ultra-thin film or layer from silicon carriers with nanometer precision.

NanoCleave enables silicon wafer carriers in advanced packaging processes such as FOWLP using mold/reconstituted wafers and interposers for 3D-SICs. Its compatibility with high-temp processes also enables completely novel process flows for 3D IC and 3D sequential integration – enabling hybrid and fusion bonding of ultra-thin layers on silicon carriers, revolutionizing 3D/heterogeneous integration and material transfer in next-gen scaled transistor designs.