Energetiq’s integrated approach to DEI ensures its principles are woven into the fabric of our corporate culture. It starts at the top with our CEO Debbie Gustafson, a passionate voice of change who participates in many industry initiatives. We follow DEI hiring best practices and train every person to be aware of Unconscious Bias. ERGs managed by employees with an executive sponsor - DEI, Physical & Mental Wellness, Social & Mixology and mentorship program. Dedicated time each month to spend on creative, novel projects we’re passionate about on “Innovation Day”. We “Unplug” for half an hour each Tuesday to build deeper relationships and joy at work and internal newsletters ensure transparent, consistent communication to hybrid staff. Prioritize wellness through trainings, socials, and lunch-and-learn meetings dedicated to important topics year-round. Lastly, there is accountability through surveys, monitoring of demographic metrics and KPIs and open dialogue.