SPTS Mosaic™ Plasma Dicing

2022 Edition. In Process of the Year

Plasma dicing is a method for die singulation using a damage-free, dry etch process which offers many benefits over saw or laser dicing. Applications range from very small die where die-per-wafer can be significantly increased due to reduced kerf widths, critical automotive chips where increasing die strength and reliability is paramount, to newer applications such as ensuring high yield hybrid bonding by avoiding particle contamination associated with conventional dicing methods.
With a growing installed base of SPTS Mosaic™ plasma dicing systems within volume production, KLA continues to innovate and expand the process’s capabilities with new and unique features to meet industry needs, such as the recent development of an integrated Defender™module that removes fluorine from exposed metal surfaces to retain wire-bond strength or solder integrity, and a new Mosaic OHT™ platform offering overhead transport capable of handling both wafers up to 300mm and film frame carriers up to 400mm.