Launched a decade ago, Technic’s specialized line of semiconductor deposition chemistry marketed under the name Elevate has become one of the most recognized brands in semiconductor fabrication and packaging around the globe. The use of Elevate processes has grown significantly in the last five years, more than quadrupling sales, with significant growth expected in the next few years.

Elevate chemistry is now in production on every major tool supplier platform and is the leading sulfite Gold process in the world. With the growing demand for safer operating conditions for workers and new regulatory demands, Elevate Ni 5950 became the first boric acid-free nickel in the industry. With a full range of products covering Gold, Gold/Tin, Copper, Tin, and Indium, Elevate continues to provide exceptional solutions for advanced processing such as FOWLP (Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging), Fan-In WLP, Flip Chip, and 2.5/3D.