OmniVision’s OX08A and OX08B Automotive Image Sensors

2020 Edition. In Device Technology of the Year

The first two members of OmniVision’s new image sensor platform offer the automotive industry’s best imaging clarity and range for ADAS and level 3+ autonomous vehicles. They’re the auto industry’s first sensors with 8.3MP, 140dB HDR and LED flicker mitigation (LFM). The high-resolution OX08A features the automotive industry’s leading HDR, while the pin-compatible OX08B adds a new benchmark in LFM performance, enabled by the sensor’s on-chip HALE (HDR and LFM engine) combination algorithm. This advanced functionality is, in turn, enabled by 3D stacking technology.

Previous sensors forced a choice between maximum HDR or LFM, and in lower resolution. The optimal clarity and range offered by this platform, in combination with integrated ASIL-C features, is vital for front-view automotive applications, such as ADAS and level 3+ autonomous vehicles, where the ability to accurately detect people and objects from far away in all lighting conditions is safety-critical.