Dielectric-core-based HAR Thru-Package-Vias forming using 3D-RDL. 3DiS Technology

2020 Edition. In Process of the Year

Integrating all building blocks of an RF Frontend for 5G applications in a small package and enabling optimal interfacing of said package with antenna array or integrating such antennas inside it (AiP) requires advanced 3D system packaging techniques. These include forming interconnects inside the package, multiple height thru-package-vias and backside RDL. 3DiS Technologies developed a low-cost wafer-level process that allows to form such multi-height, high aspect ratio "HAR" TPVs (10:1) simultaneously with 3D-RDL that interconnects 3D stacked dies inside the package. Not only this solution is independent of number of stacked dies and their thicknesses, it enables direct 3D integration inside the package cost-effectively. Technology was demonstrated on 3D-IPD devices and 3D RF SiP with stacked dies inside the package.