SPTS Technologies Ltd

2019 Edition. In Equipment Supplier of the Year

SPTS Technologies provides etch and deposition equipment which has enabled many of the recent advances in 2.5/3D integration. Working with renowned research institutes, and helping to implement the best processes at device manufacturers, foundries & OSATs, SPTS has been at the forefront of developing a number of key wafer processing techniques and transferring these into full scale production. These include high productivity PVD of UBM/RDL for FOWLP with multi-wafer degas to double wafer throughput and reduce Rc. Our deep silicon etch has transferred from MEMS micromachining, to 3D-TSV etching & plasma dicing of taped wafers up to 300mm. Other processes include low temperature PECVD for dielectric deposition, and HF/XeF2 release etch for MEMS or WLP applications. Our MVD process can deposit anti-stiction films for MEMS and anti-oxidation & -corrosion layers for packaging applications. We also offer additive printing solutions for 3D structural printing of dams & isolating layers.