4th Generation Temporary Wafer Bonding - Brewer Science

2017 Edition. In Process of the Year

Brewer Science’s 4th generation of temporary wafer bonding technology advances a wide range of applications from fan-out wafer level packaging to emerging panel processes. This is achieved via a low bond temperature (near room temperature) and ≤ 400˚C-stable adhesion with a post-bond total thickness variation (TTV) of ≤ 5%. This technology utilizes a highly conformal thermoplastic layer with little to no melt flow over the device features and bonds it to a curable layer on the carrier wafer. The two layers do not intermix or react chemically to one another, allowing for simple debonding with either mechanical or laser release processes. Brewer Science’s Gen 4 temporary wafer bonding extends the roadmap for temporary wafer bonding while increasing throughput and yields for a broader range of devices.