KOBUS has developped an alternative deposition method, at the crossroads of ALD and CVD: FAST for Fast Atomic Sequential Technology. It is well suited to obtain thick and conformal layers, and is able to in-situ clean reactor even with metal materials like copper for production requirements.
Based on that technology, we demonstrate a unique deposition stack for TSV application. While we keep the same materials in the stack (SiO2 for liner, TiN for barrier and Cu seed before electroplating), thick and conformal layers are obtained for next generation high aspect ratio TSV needs including: conformality tuning, high deposition rate over PEALD, low temperature deposition compatibility (down to 100┬░C), good adhesion properties, and excellent electrical properties. Thus we overcome the inherent limitations of actual CVD, PECVD and PVD deposition methods, and offer more flexible and much more higher throughput than ALD and PEALD processes.