Invensas (A Tessera Company)

2016 Edition. In

Invensas Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Tessera Technologies Inc. With this year's acquisition of Ziptronix Technology and the integration of its DBI® process into the Invensas product line, Invensas now offers the industry’s highest density, smallest footprint, lowest profile and lowest cost 2.5D and 3D IC integration platform to address the upcoming 2.5/3D-IC market growth. DBI is a low-temperature hybrid bonding technology with interconnect capability with the potential to be the industry’s finest pitch, thinnest and lowest total cost-of-ownership 3D integration solution for wafer stacking and Die-to-wafer 3D stacking using low-cost metallic materials such as Cu without micro-bumping. It eliminates micro-bumping and significantly reduces the cost of 2.5D and 3D production. Finer bond lines achieved using DBI® also helps to reduce device footprint, which can lead to increased productivity.