Value Chain

3D: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

This column by Francoise von Trapp appeared in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Chip Scale Review It sums up a lot of what was said at various 3D IC events over the past few months. A year ago, there were still skeptics in the room at the annual 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging conference, sponsored by RTI’s Tech Venture Forum. This year, not a single hand went up when Phi... »

Alchimer creates launch pad for industrialization

Launching a disruptive technology into an industry that is set in their ways is not a job for sissies. But Alchimer’s CEO, Steve Lerner, is clearly a man of action. »

Suppliers offer solutions to TSV formation challenges

As part of the 3D tracks at both this year’s International Wafer Level Packaging Conference, held October 27-30 in Santa Clara, CA; and the 2009 IMAPS International Symposium, held Nov 3-5 in San Jose, CA, several suppliers offered up solutions addressing current limitations in via etch, insulation/barrier/seed layers, and fill process steps for 3D TSVs. »

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