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Nano Utica gets $1.5B Infusion; Probably Good Die Revisited; Developments in Monolithic 3D

Word on the street is, New York will soon be known as Nano York, with all the money the state is pouring into nanotechnology research and development. The most recent announcement by Governor Cuomo is a $1.5 Billion Public-Private investment intended to turn the Mohawk Valley (Utica) into the next major hub for nanotechnology research. A consortium of global technology companies headquartered at t... »

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3D NAND Flash – Towering Spires or Costly Canyons?

The transition to 3D NAND Flash seems to be imminent with projections of it being half the total NAND Flash market by 2016. That means tens of billions of dollars within 3 years. V-NAND is Samsung’s version. Their first publication describing this architecture was released in 2009 and was called “TCAT” or “Terabit Cell Array Transistor”. Toshiba too has been working o... »

TSMC 3D IC Reference Flows; A Leap Forward for the HMC

TSMC 3D IC Reference Flows; A Leap Forward for the HMC

Big news for 3D ICs this week as TSMC and its OIP Ecosystem Partners announce the release of silicon-validated reference flows for both 3D IC stacks and 16nm FinFETS (everyone else puts the 16nm FinFETS first, but I’m most excited about the 3D IC news.) According to Peter Clarke in EETimes, “silicon validation of these flows signifies the opening up of the manufacturing processes for the desig... »

Getting back to Basics: a Look at 3D NAND and 3D DRAM
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Getting back to Basics: a Look at 3D NAND and 3D DRAM

There’s been a lot of buzz around 3D NAND in the past few weeks, sparked by Samsung’s recent announcement that it was commercializing its 3D VNAND technology. There’s also been some discussion (mixed with concern) about how, if at all, 3D NAND might affect the commercialization of TSV-based 3D DRAM technologies, such as Wide I/O 2, High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) the current front-runner, Micron... »

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Comparing Samsung’s 3D NAND with Traditional 3D ICs

At last week’s Memcon 2013, which took place Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Keynoter Bob Brennen, Senior VP at Samsung, talked about the need for New DRAM and Flash Memory architectures. Richard Goering summarized Brennan’s keynote very well in his blog post. Because Brennan’s responsibility is to manage Samsung’s System Architecture Labs, he talked ... »

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