2017 3D InCites Awards Vote

2017 3D InCites Awards Vote

It’s time to cast your votes for the 2017 3D InCites Awards. This year’s awards will be decided entirely by your industry peers through this online voting process. The nominees are listed below by category. Please vote for one per category. You may vote one time in a 24 hour period. Standings will be displayed until July 3, 2017. We will hide the standings for the last three days of voting to ensure that the winners are a surprise. Winners will be announced during the 3D InCites Award Ceremony and Benefit Cocktail Reception, from 5-8pm July 12, 2017 at the Impress Lounge. All nominees are encouraged to attend. Space is limited. Register here.

Voting is now closed.


  • Wonderful company to work with. Extremely professional management and engineering staff.

  • SPTS is a terrific company to work with.

  • Thanks to STATSChipPAC for persistence in promoting eWLB (FO-WLP)

  • NANIUM has brought up and promoted pioneering eWLB solutions – thanks for bringing this technology around.

  • Looking forward STATSChipPAC to bring Fan Out tech to Panel level soon. Exited!!!

  • Nanium is an excellent partner for improvement FO-WLP bonder yield and productivity.
    We appreciate Nanium’s collaborative style as well as their creative suggestions.

  • SPTS are a great company to work with and we have formed a close working relationship over the last 10 years.