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UMC Becomes #3 Foundry

TrendForce reports that UMC is expected to overtake GlobalFoundries as the world’s #3 foundry this quarter (4thQ 2020) reportedly driven by strong demand for display drivers and power management chips. UMC revenue will be US$1.57 billion, with a global market share of 6.9%, compared to GlobalFoundries’ revenue of $1.49B, with a market share of 6.6%.

  • TSMC will retain its #1 position, with a revenue increase of 21% to $12.55B this quarter and a market share of 55.6%.
  • Samsung will rank #4, with revenue likely to expand 16.4 percent to $3.72B and a 16.4% market share,
  • SMIC will rank #5 with a market share of 4.3%. SMIC was recently added to a US blacklist due to its ties with the Chinese military.
  • Tower Jazz is #6 with revenue of $340MM and a market share of 1.5%.
  • Powerchip and Vanguard are ranked #7 and #8 with market shares of 1.4% and 1.3% respectively.

Yole Développement’s 3D Packaging Update

Yole has recently presented a webinar entitled “3D Packaging is Breaking New Ground” let’s take a look at what they had to say.

They started out by updating the following slide that has been around for at least a decade (originally from IHS I think) showing how logic companies manufacturing at the latest node have dwindled over time. As I have noted on the slide, actually when it comes to 7nm we know that Intel is NOT there yet.

Figure 1: Number of players with leading-edge manufacturing capabilities.

Figure 2 is interesting in that it breaks out the main players in various high-density advanced packaging categories. I guess I would question what the term “players” means to Yole. IFTLE still only sees 2 commercial “players” in advanced memory Hynix and Samsung …IFTLE is awaiting HBM product commercialization from Micron. We’d also question the number of sources of 2.5D silicon interposers. I don’t think Hynix or Micron were ever selling interposers.  You’re more likely to get silicon interposers from Skorpios or Micross than from Hynix or Micron. Not that they couldn’t do it if they wanted to, but that they are not currently in that business.

Figure 2: Main players in HDAP, according to Yole Développement.

An interesting comparison was made between the projected cost of TSMC’s CoWoS vs InFO advanced packaging solutions (Figure 3). Am I the only one shocked that CoWoS would be only 20% more costly to package the same two-chip package (Nephos 8369)? We are not saying that is incorrect, mind you, just saying that this number appears closer than we would have thought.

Figure 3: Cost comparison of packaging Nephos NP8369 using CoWoS vs InFO. (Courtesy of Yole Développement)

Yole notes that YMTC in China has just started to enter the memory stack market with a hybrid bonding solution. Recall that IFTLE noted several times that Hynix and Samsung must be looking at this option because Xperi was certainly focused on it.

In Figure 4, Yole rightly points to the market focusing 2.5 & 3D solutions on the high-end market segments and predicts the combined high-end segments will reach $4.7B by 2025.

Main players in HDAP, according to Yole Dévelloppement.

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