The First Decade: A Message from the Queen of 3D

The First Decade: A Message from the Queen of 3D

Has it already been 10 years since my first business partner, Leo Archer, and I started 3D InCites? When we first conceived of the idea in 2009, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or that 10 years later, 3D InCItes would be so well recognized in the industry, and that I would be known as the Queen of 3D.

Leo and I parted ways in 2011, and after a year of going it alone and seriously thinking about tossing it all and investing in a food truck instead, I partnered with Martijn Pierik and Dave Richardson of Impress Labs (now Kiterocket). Bolstered by the support of these two partners and a graphic and web design and development team who gave the brand and the site its first (and second, and soon third) facelift, I was able to focus efforts on creating valuable content and building a following. I remember being excited when we hit 116 registered members in our first year. 10 years later, we log in over 80K users annually.

Putting a 10th Anniversary print issue together has been a major nostalgia trip for me, from searching through the archives for posts and photos to include, to reading all the contributions from our friends in the industry. For that is how I think of all of you: not just readers, but a community of colleagues. As such, 3D InCites has always been more than just another source of technology news and information. Perhaps Rajiv Roy, FormFactor, said it best in a testimonial to us: “As a community, 3D InCites brings to life the people, the personalities, and the minds behind 3D integration in a uniquely personal way.” It’s what sets us apart from the other industry publications, and we live by it.

The past 10 years have been full of pivotal moments for the companies and people responsible for 3D and heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging, and 3D InCites has been lucky to grow up alongside it. We were there when the EMC3D Consortium drove cost reduction efforts for through silicon via (TSV) technology and put TSVs on the roadmap. We were there when imec, CEA-Leti, SEMATECH, Fraunhofer EMFT, and Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID were all working on the development of the back-end processes that are now mainstream.

We were there when companies like Alchimer, ALLVIA, NEXX Systems, Replisaurus, Tezzaron, and Ziptronix, were still considered newbies. We were there for the launches of Deca Technologies, Invensas, KOBUS, and UnitySC; and when Alchimer became Aveni; and when Replisaurus went the way of the dinosaurs; and when Ziptronix was acquired by Invensas and then became Xperi. We remember when Applied Materials and TEL almost became Etaris (say “eh-TAIR-is”) and then didn’t.

In 2013, we created the 3D InCites Awards to recognize the contributions that people, companies, and research institutes have made to bring about the commercialization of 3D and heterogeneous integration technologies. This year marks the 7th year of the awards program.

Our statue graces the award cases of Amkor Technology, Inc.; Brewer Science; Bob Patti; Bryan Black; Deca Technologies; Dow Corning (now Dupont); Dusan Petranovic; E-System Design; EV Group; and Fogale Nanotech (now UnitySC); Fraunhofer IZM; Fraunhofer Cluster for 3D Integration; FRT, the Art of Metrology; Gill Fountain; GLOBALFOUNDRIES; KLA; Kobus (now part of PlasmaTherm); imec; Mentor, A Siemens company; OmniVision; Novati Technologies; Paul Enquist; Phil Garrou; Semblant/HZO; SPTS; Sorin CRM; SSEC (now Veeco);TSMC; Xilinx; and Xperi.

Each year, a portion of the proceeds has gone to worthy causes supporting STEM education and childhood cancer research. Thanks to sponsorship and donations, we’ve made significant contributions to the IEEE Women in Engineering Scholarship, SEMI High Tech U, the IMAPS Foundation, G1ve-A-Buck, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Needless to say, it’s been a memorable 10 years, and 3D InCites is honored to have been a part of it. What does the future hold? 3D integration has finally hit the big time, and we’ll continue to bring you the latest developments, as well as some new initiatives. In October 2018, Phil Garrou joined the editorial staff as a contributing editor, bringing with him his well-known blog, re-christened Packaging InCites from the Leading Edge. He joins Herb Reiter, our EDA expert, as a regular contributor. Herb will be expanding his role, covering more events in Silicon Valley. We’ve also launched the SemiSister project to support gender diversity and inclusion efforts in the semiconductor industry.

As of this writing, the 3D InCites leadership has changed again. Dave Richardson has gone on to pursue other interests, leaving Martijn and me at the helm of this particular ship. We are excited for what the next 10 years have in store..  ~ FvT