link_NCAP_400x400_2To overcome the current market and technology constraints taking place today within the semiconductor industry, new advanced packaging technologies have been developed by industrial companies. Leaders in the advanced packaging industry have identified new solutions enabling more and more functionalities to be integrated along with many devices in the same package. Yole Développement analysts are currently noting plenty of excitement within the advanced packaging sector: research, innovation and industrialization are the key words of the current industry status.

In this context, NCAP China (NCAP)[1] and Yole Développement (Yole) are pursuing their collaboration and have announced the second Advanced Packaging & System Integration Technology Symposium:

  • The symposium will take place in Wuxi, China, on April 21 & 22.
  • The symposium is sponsored by BESI, Plasma-Therm, SPTS Technologies, and Zeta Instruments.
  • ASTRI is a partner of the Advanced Packaging & System Integration Technology Symposium.

In 2014, the first symposium was a notable success: in addition to attracting more than 80 attendees, the show generated numerous valuable discussions, meetings and business collaborations.

In 2016, NCAP and Yole are excited to welcome the leaders of the advanced packaging industry for the second time, and are expecting a similar success. They have announced an impressive list of executive speakers including:

  • Li Ming, R&D Director, ASM Pacific technology
  • Ruurd Boomsma, Sr. VP Die Attach & CTO Besi Die Attach & Besi Group
  • Farhang Yazdani, President & CEO, BroadPak Corporation
  • Herb He Huang, Ph.D., Sr. Director, 3DIC & Sensors Technology Development, Corporate R&D Center, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)
  • And many more: the lists of speakers, biographies, and abstracts are available on the i-micronews website. To download the PDF version, click Program & Abstracts.

The collaboration between NCAP & Yole is based on strategic thinking from both organizations. Both names and their international reputation send a strong signal to the advanced packaging community.

NCAP is a technology development center. Its aim is to build up leading edges in advanced packaging by IP[2] licensing and commercialization of technology development and transformation, with a smart combination of the packaging supply chain constraints. This organization has, of course, an important role to play at the national level by developing and supporting valuable advanced packaging expertise and capabilities with local industrial partners.

“The whole advanced packaging industry is facing unbalanced development of semiconductor equipment and materials,” explains Dr Cao LiQiang, CEO of NCAP. “Prices and cost monitoring are crucial to ensuring the sustainability of the companies.”


For its part, as a “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole is pursuing its research within the advanced packaging world and is expanding its expertise and understanding of this industry, day after day. The number of technology and market reports available each year and dedicated custom collaborations with multiple companies throughout the advanced packaging supply chain show the leadership of the consulting company within this sector.

“At Yole, we expect solid advanced packaging market growth reaching US$30 billion by 2020[3],” Thibault Buisson, Business Unit Manager, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole. And he adds: “We currently see substantial activity in the Advanced Packaging ecosystem: many companies from different business models are getting involved in this area and the competition is intensifying, New innovative platforms such as System-in-Package, Fan-Out packages and 2.5D/3D technology are changing the industry landscape and turning a new page in Advanced Packaging evolution. This is the motivation behind the organization of the Advanced Packaging & System Integration Symposium. The symposium emphasizes the value transition in packaging and is aimed at providing answers to the current challenges and key questions that the industry is facing today.”

“The Advanced Packaging & System Integration Technology Symposium taking place next week in China is the result of Yole & NCAP powerful collaboration, a combination of both technical know-how and market expertise,” says Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole Développement. He adds, “It clearly represents a wonderful opportunity for advanced packaging companies to develop, exchange and expand their activities to the advanced packaging industry in China and also in all other countries.”

NCAP and Yole are extremely enthusiastic about the 2nd advanced packaging symposium. Both partners welcome all industry leaders including: Alpha Szenszor, ASE Group, ASM Pacific Technology, Besi, BroadPak, Evatec, EV Group, JCAP, HuaTian Technology, Huawei, Plasma-Therm, Sinyang, SPTS/Orbotech, STATS ChipPAC, Zeta Instruments, and more. To see the full schedule, please click here: Program

Moreover, on the afternoon, and on a volunteer basis, NCAP will invite the participants to visit its facilites. Program includes NCAP Introduction, Material Consortium Plan Introduction, Lab Tour.

For more information about the schedule and registration, please contact:

Clotilde Fabre (, Communication Coordinator, at Yole Développement

[1] NCAP China: National Center for Advanced Packaging Co., Ltd.

[2] IP : Intellectual Property

[3] Source: Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry 2015 report, Yole Développement, November 2015


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