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Photo of drilled via holesTriton Micro Technologies’ ultra-thin through-glass-via (TGV) interposers create 3,000 or more I/O connections per device for high-density IC packaging. Triton uses micro-drilling and via-fill technologies to manufacture 2.5D and 3D TGV interposers for MEMs, RF and optics applications on wafers up to 300mm with thicknesses of 0.7mm and below.

The global semiconductor industry recognizes that silicon is approaching its performance limits as an interposer material due to leakage and reliability issues. To achieve the next generation in high-density semiconductor packaging, TGV interposers are needed to form the large number of electrical connections between a chip and a printed circuit board. TGV interposers allow high packaging integration in the smallest available form factors.To help commercialize the industry’s widespread use of TGV interposers, Triton Micro Technologies uses a high-efficiency continuous production process that increases cycle times while lowering the cost per unit. The company leverages proprietary technologies from its parent companies nMode Solutions and Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC) to fill its interposers’ high-aspect-ratio via holes with a copper paste that has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as glass. This reduces thermal stress during manufacturing and long-term use.

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