I know – I KNOW! I missed my first Friday, and I felt just terrible about it. But hey, I have a valid excuse &#151 several, in fact. I finally sold my house after 11 months on the market (29 showings in January alone, and 9 in February – do the math). So I took some time to get organized for the move, which will happen in about 6 weeks.

In addition, I started to work on the next phase of my 3D plan, of which this blog is merely one dimension. That’s all I can say for now, but I’m hoping to have an unveiling of sorts just befor the Device Packaging Symposium in Scottsdale – which is only 2 weeks away. (I’d better get cracking!).

So if things appear to slow down for a few weeks, please stay tuned. A lot is going on behind the scenes – and this is just the quiet before the storm. In the mean time, keep the 3D news coming this way! I’ll do my best to keep up.

Francoise von Trapp

They call me the “Queen of 3D” because I have been following the course of…

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