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Strong adhesives

Temporary Bond/Debond: Not Ready for 3D TSV Prime TIme

It’s too bad SUSS MicroTec’s Wilfried Bair was one of the last presenters on Friday at 3D Architecures for Systems in Packaging Symposium (3DASIP), Dec. 14, 2012, because more people should have been present to hear what he had to say. While most presenters focused on successes and future work for optimization and lower cost of ownership, he really went out on a limb to explain why there are s... »

Juergen Wolf, Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID

Fraunhofer IZM Update with M. Juergen Wolf

I’ve been on a mission to interview the directors of all three European microelectronics research centers that are participating in the European 3D TSV Summit before the event takes place. So far I’ve checked imec and Leti off the list. Last week, I finally was able to achieve the trifecta when Juergen Wolf of Fraunhofer IZM had time to sit down during the 3D Architectures for Systems Integrat... »

3D ASIP 2012: Damn the Torpedos! Full Speed Ahead!

3D ASIP 2012: Damn the Torpedos! Full Speed Ahead!

After attending last week’s 9th Annual Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference in Redwood City, CA, it’s pretty clear that there’s probably the same chance of 3DIC NOT happening, as there is a chance the world will end on Dec 21. (And oh by the way, Tom Pawlowski, chief technologist and fellow, Micron Technology, says he’s having a Day After the End of ... »

3D IC Pioneers Continue to Lead the Way

For me, the most exciting news so far at this year’s 3D ASIP conference has been the announcement that Tezzaron Semiconductor is licensing both Ziptronix’s Zibond  and DBI technologies . Really, I did backflips when I read the press release, because I have a soft spot for technology innovators and pioneers and I’ve been following these companies as long as I’ve been intere... »

ACM Research team at 3D ASIP 2012.

ACM Research: New Kid on the 3D Block

Yesterday at the pre-conference symposium for 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging (3D ASIP), I was fortunate to get an up close and personal tutorial preview by David Wang, CEO of ACM Research, on the tool manufacturer’s latest process solution for two critical points in the TSV fabrication process. The first is a TSV clean process that puts a new twist on existing conc... »

Check this out: easier debonding?

It’s common knowledge among those working feverishly to bring 3D TSVs to market that one of the areas still being ironed out in the back-end-of-line processes is thin wafer handling. »

The devil you know…..

Last March, when Rozalia Beica, of Semitool, gave a presentation updating the progress of the EMC-3D consortium at the IMAPS Device Packaging Symposium, one of the process development units she identified as still causing limitations to achieving viable cost of ownership goals was with the insulation/barrier/seed layer steps. Part of the reason was because there was an open supplier slot in those... »

Tour de France in 3D – Day 5

This whole week had been going so smoothly, I should have known I was due at least one mishap along the way. It happened on the beginning of Day 5. My challenge was to navigate the Swiss/French train system and get myself from Geneva to Annecy, France, for my morning visit with Nicolas Launay and tour of the Tegal France R&D facility. To my knowledge, there were only two morning trains and ... »

Tour de France in 3D – Day 4

Our visit to the St. Jeoire facility of Replisaurus/SET got off to a glorious start with dinner Wednesday evening at the lovely Hotel Baud, in nearby Bonne, France, where we were staying. Patrik Möller, Replisaurus co-founder and CEO Jim Quinn, flew in from Kista, Sweden, for the occasion, and Gilbert LeCarpentier, international product manager, SET, and Emmanuelle Greneche, marketing communicat... »

Tour de France in 3D – Day 3

When it comes to fully understanding 3D integration processes, Sarah-Lyle Dampoux (my tour companion from Loomis Group) and I came to the conclusion that there’s really nothing like live, hands-on demonstrations to really drive home these technologies. »

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