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Some 3D Technology Tidbits

Glass interposers got a thumbs up from i-MicroNews in a “Closer Look” post reviewing Corning’s Peter Bocko’s presentation at IMAPS 2012.  Based on work done as part of Ga Tech’s consortium, Bocko demonstrated that “glass interposers show less warp during chip assembly, faster signal propagation and significantly reduced signal loss.  In fact they found a 10x lower signal loss in gla... »

Will the Market Bear the Plethora of Mobile Devices? A Reader Survey

Have you noticed that it’s not even Halloween and the stores are already setting up their Christmas sections?  Seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. It’s no coincidence that Apple and Microsoft timed their latest product launches in time to ride that wave.  Since tablets and smartphones have been ID’d as an application for 3D ICs (albeit not in the current generations – althou... »

Nostalgia Trip

Is today the anniversary of something and I missed the memo? Because in less than 5 minutes of surfing, I’ve scrolled by several different posts that step back in history to reminisce about electronic innovations like microwave ovens and PCs that weren’t much more than glorified typewriters and look how far we’ve come! I love these nostalgia trips. They always make me realize how good my dau... »

3DIC Tech Updates

But first, a 3D history lesson thanks to a recent SemiWiki blog post, Hybrids on BeO then, 3D-IC in silicon now, in which blogger Don Dingee recalls lessons learned from working with hybrid microelectronics assemblies, and how they apply in the world of 3D. Calling 3D ICs “the modern version of hybrids” he notes that “This isn’t just to get more stuff in less space by better utilizing the »

EDA Vendor Wins from TSMC

TSMC certainly did hand out keys to the city to the EDA vendors last week at OIP. Just to recap, we reported on Synopsys and Cadence CoWoS reference flow wins last week here  and here. Mentor Graphics’ nod came in the form of Partner of the Year Award for “CoWoS Design Enablement and Test Vehicle Development.” (You can find the full Mentor announcement here)  Add to that this announcement ... »

3D IC Educational Opportunities

If you have an hour of professional development time coming to you, I advise that you spend it watching this webinar on TSV and Interposer: modeling, design and characterization, presented by Darryl Kostka, of Computer Simulation Technology (CST).  But don’t just take my word for it! It comes highly recommended by Bill Martin of E-System Design, who posted this comment on LinkedIn: “a perfect... »

Important stuff – but first, some 3D Friday fun

Fridays just kind of creep up on you, don’t they?  It’s been a busy week in the 3D blogosphere – and not just on 3D Incites. I’m a little disappointed that nobody wanted to play the “how do you use your mobile device”  game I started on Monday with these two questions at the end of my post. So lets try again. Please post answers at the bottom in the content area here. Maybe its more ... »

Catching up with imec’s Eric Beyne

Eric Beyne (imec) and I go way back. He’s the Scientific Director of Advanced Packaging Technologies at imec, and ever since my Advanced Packaging days, he’s been a valuable resource whenever I have technology questions about any part of the spectrum of 3D integration technologies. Basically, I can count on Beyne for grounded, technology-based, logical answers devoid of any hype.  But lately ... »

A Plethora of 3D Memories

Because 3D Memory really stands out as an industry apart from 3D ICs, I’ve been collecting some interesting articles over the past few weeks, with the intention of bringing 3D InCites a curated update.  Here it is.  In the wake of JEDEC’s announcement that it had released its specification for Synchronous DDR4, the first of its kind to include features supporting 3D stacking, Synopsys’ bl... »

How do you use your mobile devices?

Over the summer, we became a 3 iPad household; my daughters because they were headed off to college and iPads are suddenly the must-have item for note-taking and homework doing; and me because I decided I was really tired of schlepping a laptop with an old battery to conferences, searching for a wall socket so I would have power through all the presentations. My hesitation to investing in an iPad ... »

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