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3D in the iPhone 5 and Other Teardown Discoveries

“It’s just like peeling a banana” reads the caption on one  teardown photo describing the careful dissection of the iPhone 5. . But if you really want to see how it was done, check out this initial teardown video produced by iFixit.  It’s been 3 days since Chipworks tweeted anything interesting about the iPhone 5. The last was to ID the source of the A6 processor – which they’ve c... »

Apple iPhone 5 Teardown; More on FinFets; Thoughts on 3D Test; (and some Friday Fun at the End)

Somehow the social media “shares” on Friday are more lighthearted than the rest of the week. Today, all the excitement was divided up between the iPhone 5 teardown and the last flight of the spaceshuttle Endeavor, as it toured its way up the California coastline riding piggyback on a 747. Here’s a link to collected tweets at #spottheshuttle  and #endeavor, and a great video shot by the MCA »

Update on 3D transistors (That “other” 3D)

I always hesitate to cove 3D transistors, because before they came along, I only focused on what I knew to be 3D – ie: 3D stacked packages, 2.5D interposers and 3D ICs. And that was confusing enough. But then along came Intel’s Tri-Gate technology, claiming the 3D moniker as its own, launching into production at warp speed, and immediately confused industry journalists, who began to compare ap... »

SPTS Debuts Low-Temperature PECVD Technology for 3D-IC

SPTS Technologies has launched its low temperature plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) solution for via-reveal passivation in 3D-IC packaging applications. Already proven in 300mm volume production fabs, the Delta fxP® PECVD system deposits dielectric layers onto bonded substrates at wafer temperatures below 200°C,  with throughputs up to twice that of its competitors. Via reveal... »

IMAPS 2012 3D Tweeture Double Feature – Part 2

With two 3D focused keynotes and a 3D panel discussion, 3D Thursday was ripe for the tweeting. The sound bites were coming fast and furious from Subu Iyer, IBM Fellow, and Rao Tummala, director of Georgia Tech’s 3D Packaging Research Center. Additionally, the 3D Panel featuring both Iyer and Tummala, along  with Jeff Brighton, Texas Instruments; Ron Huemoeller, Amkor; Nagesh Vodrahalli, Altera; »

IMAPS 2012 3D Tweeture Double Feature – Part 1

I spent this whole week at IMAPS 2012 in San Diego, and tweeted live from the event. Sometimes in the Twitter world, it’s difficult to extract full meaning from 140 character tweets, especially when they’re full of hashtags and @othertwitterhandles. And sometimes, we read them and ask, what was the point of that tweet? I thought it would be a fun exercise to decipher my own tweets for you, in ... »

Solving Wireless Challenges at IMAPS

The irony of the week: Qualcomm, leader of the wireless world, sends a large contingency to participate in and sponsor IMAPS 2012, taking place at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in San Diego (I use the term “resort” very loosely), and the wireless was crap (really, I tried a few other “nicer” words to describe it, but there’s no better way.) When you’ve got a hotel f... »

SEMICON Europa 2012 Focuses on Materials, 3D ICs, and 450mm

SEMICON Europa got underway yesterday, and reports from the event point to new materials, 450mm and 3D ICs as the key topics – all from the European perspective. According to SEMI Europe President, Heinz Kundert, Europe has reached a critical crossroads where its very future as a global competitor seems to hinge on making it in micro- and nano-electronics. "Europe must not risk the walking away ... »

Breaking News from SEMICON West

There's no place like SEMICON West for a company to make a major announcement. After all, it is the semiconductor industry's annual 'coming out party'. My inbox was flooded with press releases this morning, and since my flight was delayed so much that I completely missed the SEMI press conference, I figured I'd make use of the time and I pick out the ones that would be of interest to 3D integratio... »

The Up and Coming Flavors of 3D Memory

Up until recently, I really hadn’t paid much attention to the the intricacies of memory types required to satisfy the plethora of computing needs from today’s PCs to tomorrow’s data centers and mobile devices. I had a general understanding of caches and main memory, and the increasing need for shorter interconnects and wider bandwidth. And I knew that one of the big drivers for 3D memory sol... »

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