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SEMI Standards, the ITRS Roadmap and other Boring but Important Items for the Progression of 3D IC manufacturing (UPDATED Thurs. Aug 9

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to have customers clamoring for them (3D devices), or that processes, materials and equipment are ready (or almost) and waiting for implementation to fine-tune them; and that EDA and test vendors working feverishly to fill in the design and test gaps; nothing will roll until the supply chain says it rolls. And according to Karen Savala’s (SEMI) recent article pos... »

TSMC: Making Headlines and Sparking Debate

I've got two questions for readers, based on recent headlines from TSMC.  First of all, are TSMCs activities in building out capacity for 3D ICs spurring leading Taiwanese assembly and test houses to increase capacity as well? That’s what’s implied in this news item on, which reports that ASE, SPIL and Powertech are all investing heavily in 3D IC R&D manufacturing and capacity... »

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