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3D At Hot Chips, and More

I was on the phone with Herb Reiter yesterday, who told me he’d been busy this week thanks to the Hot Chips Conference (Aug 27-28, Cupertino CA).  I’d been reading about it here and there, but hadn’t made the trip from Phoenix myself. “Should I have been there?” I asked. “You should have been there Monday for the Xilinx tutorial on Die Stacking.” Apparently I missed a very comprehen... »

Has TSMC Upset the Apple Cart?

I did NOT see this one coming. For months, unconfirmed rumors have been flying about TSMC courting Apple, in hopes of getting its A6 processor business. Conjecture was that one of the reasons they were building out assembly and test to provide end-to-end 3D IC manufacturing was to ultimately win Apple’s future 3D IC business (among other things, of course).  During a keynote last March at IMAPS »

The Transition to 450mm Wafers: What does it Mean for 3D ICs?

There’s been lots of news lately about the transition to 450mm wafers, and I’m wondering, is it only me, or are there others who are amazed at how little mention there is on its impact in the assembly and packaging world. It’s like the front-end has forgotten that the back-end has wafer level processes too! Furthermore, the back-end equipment manufacturers don’t have the same profit margin... »

STATS ChipPAC Advances TSV Capabilities; Qualifies 300mm MEOL and Low Volume Manufacturing

Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) provider, STATS ChipPAC Ltd., has announced qualification of its 300mm middle-end-of-line (MEOL) manufacturing operation for Through Silicon Via (TSV) capabilities, and will transition to low volume manufacturing.  STATS ChipPAC says it is firmly engaged with multiple strategic customers on TSV development programs that support the semiconductor »

When 3D is 3D IC, and When it’s Not

Some of the best news to read (especially on a Friday) is non-news, like this report by Ann Steffora Mutschler, in SemiMD on how 3D ICs will not impact computational lithography tools. According to her sources, this particularly true with regards to TSVs, because of their large size in comparison with feature sizes lithography tools are used to dealing with when fabricating 3D transistors or FinFE... »

3D InCites: Evolving along with 3D Technologies

When I first launched 3D InCites in 2009, it was with the intention of creating an online resource for the semiconductor industry that could be relied upon to provide comprehensive information for 3D IC and 3D Packaging technologies. 3D technologies were still far from commercialization, but it was already apparent throughout the industry that we were dealing with something different that required »

Impress Labs Boosts Content Marketing Strategy With Strategic Hire of 3D InCites Technology Journalist Françoise von Trapp

Impress Labs, a global brand, creative, and communication agency for the semiconductor, solar energy and life science industries, today announced the addition of leading 3D IC technology journalist and 3D InCites founder, Françoise von Trapp, to its Semiconductor Lab. The new hire is part of Impress Labs’ ongoing strategy to offer clients greater market expertise, while continuing efforts to de... »

Wanted: Alternatives to TSVs

Well this news took a bit of the wind out of my sails this week. I received a press release from TechSearch International titled Manufacturing and Business Issues Push Out Adoption of 3D TSV:  Companies Seek Alternatives for 3D TSV. I like Jan Vardaman, TechSearch's CEO, and when we meet up at industry conferences, I'm eager to get her perspective on the progress of 3D technologies. She's a reali... »

Today in 3D: HMCC Drafts Specs; Materials Suppliers take on TB/DB; OSATS add Capacity

I’ve come across a few interesting announcements in the 3D space today that separately are just random bits of news, but when bundled together, demonstrate acceleration to 3D commercialization. When you think about it, we’re more than halfway to Q1 2013, which has been earmarked by Micron as when 2 versions of its Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) will roll. Progress with the Hybrid Memory CubeSince t... »

The Buzz on the Fab/Foundry/OSATS Paradigm Shift

I’ve been reading a lot about the future of the fabless/foundry model. Most articles I’ve seen only count the fab/foundry parts, but I add OSATS to the list, because due to the emergence of 3DICs, it’s a topic of interest to all three segments of semiconductor manufacturing: namely the front- mid- and back-ends. In fact, you’ll find many of the articles lump “3D stacks” in with EUV, Fi... »

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