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2.5D and 3D: Life Preservers for Foundries?

Wow, times have changed. Who would have thought the foundries would ever willingly turn to the packaging industry for the solutions to future scaling? But I heard it myself yesterday at the ECTC luncheon keynote address, straight from the lips of Global Foundries’ CTO Greg Bartlett, who said that “silicon is not a great place to be right now,” referring to challenges with scaling beyond 2... »

OSATS Discuss the Transformed Role of the Packaging Foundry at ECTC

ECTC sure knew how to pack ‘em in early this year! It was no accident that they held a special session on the Transforming Role of the Packaging Foundry on the Professional Development Course Day (Tuesday, May 29). Instead of 30 or so stragglers who wandered in between their regular courses during last year’s special session, there was standing room only at this session (I’m told 150+ people... »

Invensas Unveils Groundbreaking Package-on-Package Solution for Next-Generation Smartphone and Tablet Computing

Invensas Corporation, provider of semiconductor technology solutions and wholly owned subsidiary of Tessera Technologies, Inc. unveiled its bond via array (BVA) technology. BVA is an ultra-high I/O packaging alternative to wide-I/O through silicon via (TSV) that delivers the performance required by mobile OEMs while preserving the proven infrastructure and business model of traditional package-on-... »

Why Wait Until 2016? Invensas Introduces A Bridge to Mobile Wide IO

We’ve all heard it: Wide I/O DRAM on Logic using TSV interconnects will be THE solution for achieving the high performance/low power needs of next generation devices, beginning with the high performance computing and making its way into gaming processors, smartphones and tablets.  To listen to the experts, meeting such performance goals as true HD, faster video streaming, multi-cameras, multi-a... »

3D Curation: Coming soon to 3D InCites

I’m thinking about becoming a curator. Not as in the career-changing, get-a-job-at-an-art-gallery sense, but in the curation-vs-aggregation sense.  I was recently asked to beta test a new web site, SolarCurator, built on the concept of content curation. The site just went live a couple weeks ago, and features the editorial stylings of well known solar industry journalist, Tom Cheyney. If you fo... »

The Fabless Model will Thrive in the 3D IC World

In the May 15 issue of Future Fab News!, Aaron Hand, contributing editor,  asked for opinions on Mark Bohr’s (Intel) now famous EE Times interview, with Rick Merritt, where he said the fabless model is collapsing and a return to the IDM is inevitable. (I addressed a similar topic a year ago in a post titled Will 3D Integration Keep 2nd Tier Foundries Alive?) So for what it’s worth, here’s m... »

My Day at the IBM Partner Summit

Want to know how to torture a journalist? Invite them to present at a conference but ask them to sign an NDA so they can’t write about it!  However, I can say this much: the 3D Program is alive and well at IBM.  From IBM Fellow, Subramanian Iyer, I learned some basic truths about scaling and 3D. One of the current challenges being faced where 3D can provide the solution is in the power budget. »

3D Company Updates

There are a couple of notable updates circulating this week involving companies in the 3D space. The first I saw was news from Sony that it has introduced its next-generation CMOS Image sensor they claim is “ the industry's smallest, CMOS image sensor and camera system”. The image sensor is a system-on-chip stacked structure featuring backside illumination (BSI). This is exciting progress for ... »

Visiting the Valley in 3D

Some people get excited when they go to Hollywood and see famous people.  Not me.  Today, I got positively giddy driving from from San Jose airport to both Invensas and Ultratech’s headquarters.  Oh look! It’s SAMSUNG R&D CENTER! Toshiba! MICRON! I felt that I was in the presence of greatness. Yes – my inner geek is showing. But most of the time I’m working from my home in Arizona,... »

3D Turns up at the BiTS Workshop 2012

It wasn’t on the final agenda, but thanks to a last-minute presentation switch by BiTS Workshop keynoter Jim Feldhan, president of Phoenix-based Semico Research, 3D became a featured topic at this year’s event. For the past few years, BiTS General Chair, Fred Taber, has contracted me to conduct video interviews at the event for the BiTS Workshop website. The fact that I had the opportunity to ... »