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GSA’s Silicon Summit: Good News from the 3D Ecosystem Panel

I don’t get to attend all the 3D events that I would like to, and such was the case with this year’s GSA Silicon Summit, held Thursday, April 26, in San Jose. But I did get some insight from Rich Rice, Senior VP of Sales and Engineering, ASE, who was a panelist on the afternoon 3D Packaged IC Ecosystem panel discussion, and whom has also participated in a number of similar panel discussions ov... »

MonolithIC 3D Inc. Issued Patents on 3D-IC Logic, Memories and Micro Display

MonolithIC 3D Inc., a Silicon Valley startup, announced today that the USPTO has issued MonolithIC 3D three additional patents on monolithic 3D IC, 3D logic and integration with image sensor or micro display, and 3D Memories. This milestone increases the company’s portfolio of issued patents from 7 to 10 over the previous ten months. These issued patents are joined by over 50 pending applicatio... »

Transparent, Flexible, Scalable 3D Memory –Could it Get any Better?

A few weeks ago, I came across an article on a new nanotechnology process in development at Rice University that can be used to build transparent, flexible 3D memory chips. According to the article, these chips could replace flash memory in thumb drives, smart phones and computers. The transparency also makes it perfect for touchscreen displays, and such futuristic concepts as smart glass for wind... »

3D-IC LinkedIn Group Announces Milestone in Member Subscriptions

The 3D-IC LinkedIn Group announced today that it has reached more than 1,100 members. The discussion forum for 3D Integrated Circuits (3D-ICs) was established in July of 2011. The increasing level of interest shown by the industry in the past few months makes this LinkedIn Group a good opportunity for industry professionals to update themselves with the latest trends in the field. The group has ex... »

Georgia Tech PRC and Its Industry Partners Demonstrate World’s Thinnest 3D Organic Package at 130um Thickness, Ready for POP and Stacking

Georgia Tech’s Packaging Research Center, in its pioneering chip-last embedded interconnection technology, demonstrates World's Thinnest 3D Organic Package at 130um thickness at 30um interconnection pitch using ultra-short copper-copper  interconnections and bonding below 200oC for highest electrical performance. The "Ultra-SLIM Packages have built-in vertical connections to the top surface »

EDPS 3D Friday – The Vendor’s Turn

In addition to my Monday blog post, there has been a plethora of articles authored by other industry bloggers about the 3D Friday event, most of them focused on the user perspective, as well as the panel.  I haven’t seen a whole lot of attention paid to the vendors, Mentor, Cadence and Synopsys – all who had some input on their company’s offerings and readiness for 3D IC so far.  So I will »

A Smorgasbord of 3D News

Sometimes there’s just a bunch of random stuff that catches my eye over the course of a week, and I set it aside until it gels into something that can be crafted into a topical curated piece. This is not one of those times.  What we have here is a collection of important news in the 3D world that you should probably, if you haven’t already. I read about PTI’s ramp of its logic IC backend b... »

Show Me The Money: 3D Friday at EDPS

While it was Good Friday for most, it was 3D Friday for those of us who attended the 19th Annual Electronic Design Process Symposium (EDPS), held last week in Monterey CA. What an amazing location! For an ocean-starved desert dweller like me, it was hard to tear my eyes off the waves and pay attention at what was going on in the front of the room... but I managed and it was definitely worth tuning »

And Now, a Word for Our Sponsors

While there’s no denying that our registered members, guest bloggers, forum panelists, advisory board, and regular readers are all vital elements of the 3D InCites community, none of this would be possible without the financial input of our advertisers. So I would like to briefly take up some blog space to recognize them and thank them for their support. EV Group was one of the first companies ... »