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EDA Approaches to 3D IC Tools

When I was in high school and then in college, I used my mother’s Smith-Corona  MANUAL typewriter to write all my English and journalism papers. (Yes, electric typewriters already existed, but we were "slow adopters" — aka "cheap" — heck, we didn’t even have a color TV until 1981) Those were the days of white-out, carbon paper, and lots and lots of revisions. Watching my high school-age d... »

Ziptronix Direct Oxide Bond Technology Gains Momentum

At RTI’s 3D ASIP last week, I sat down with Paul Enquist, of Ziptronix, to get an update on the company’s progress with its direct bonding technologies.  Paul presented on Day 2 of the conference, but honored me with a one-on-one explanation on the application space enabled by the company’s two proprietary processes, Zibond and Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI).  Zibond is the direct oxide bo... »

Sales of Amkor Technology’s Next Generation Through Mold Via Package-on-Package Solutions Surpass 100 Million Units

Amkor Technology, Inc. , a leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test services, today announced that its innovative Through Mold Via (TMV®) Package-on-Package (PoP) solutions have surpassed 100 million units shipped. “This is a significant milestone for a technology we launched just last year,” said Mike Lamble, Amkor’s executive vice president, worldwide sales and product managem... »

The Great 3D Supply Chain Debate: The Handoff

The supply chain business model for manufacturing 3D stacked ICS has caused perhaps one of the hottest debates so far in commercializing 3D semiconductor processes.  It’s easy to see why. Beyond the rather obvious question of who will own the liability of damaged devices, there’s a good deal of revenue at stake for those who make the investment in adding capacity for middle end of the line (M... »

Rambus and ITRI Collaborate to Develop Interconnect and Advanced 3D Packaging Technologies

Rambus Inc, one of the world's premier technology licensing companies, announced today it is engaging with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, one of the world's leading research institutes, on the development of interconnect and 3D packaging technologies. In addition, Rambus has joined the Advanced Stacked-System Technology and Application Consortium (Ad-STAC), a multi... »

The Many Dimensions of 3D Adoption

Day Two of 3D ASIP and even though the conference opened with declarations that “3D is here” it’s clear after attending the sessions and hearing what all the presenters have to say, that this is a multi-dimensional situation. First, there are the vendors and suppliers, who have a lot at stake, having invested billions developing processes to get to this point. Then there are the manufacturer... »

3D Integration: It’s HEEEEEEERE!

Got up before dawn to catch the 6am flight to SFO for  RTI’s 3D Architectures for Systems Integration and Packaging Conference (3D ASIP), and arrived just in time to catch the tail-end of  Xilinx’ Ivo Bolson’s  presentation. It was ironic (or strategic?) that Ivo started things off, because it was just a year ago that Xilinx 2.5D was the big story at 3D ASIP and became the poster child as »

IEDM Panel Gives 3D the Green Light

Word on the street is, if 3D is serving a niche market, it’s going to be a big niche!  At least that was what Subramanian Iyer reported back from the 3D Panel he moderated on December 6 during IEDM 2011. The panel’s ultimate goal was to address the overall theme "Is 3 Dimensional Integration at Best a Niche Play?”.  Organizers tested a new format, leaving the powerpoint slides at home, and »

BiTS Workshop Rebrands to Keep Pace with Packaging Evolution

The Burn‐in & Test Socket Workshop (BiTS Workshop) announced today that it is changing its name to The Burn‐in & Test Strategies Workshop (BiTS Workshop). The rebrand, which features an updated logo, is reflected in all of BiTS collateral material and the website for the 2012 BiTS Workshop that takes place March 4‐7 2012, in Mesa, AZ. “The committee elected to rebrand the worksh... »

Ziptronix Goes Commercial

Ever since I got involved in the world of advanced packaging, and particularly 3D, I’ve had a soft spot for start-ups. Everyone who reads my blog knows that. So it’s no surprise that I’ve had Ziptronix on my radar since the first press tour in 2007. I was impressed by the elegance of their low temperature covalent bond process back then and have been waiting for their rocket to take off. The »