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SPTS – It’s all in the Timing

One year ago today, I was sitting with David Butler and Kevin Crofton, of SPTS, at the company headquarters in Newport, Wales, talking about the whirlwind year they’d just had, how well the company was doing since the merger of STS and Aviza, and the advantages of being part of the Sumitomo Precision Product family. The acquisition of Aviza by Sumitomo Precision Products had saved the company f... »

3D Integration in Power Devices hits High Volume

When we talk about 3D integration, we’re generally talking about 3D ICs driven by mobile market performance needs. But in the power semiconductor market, computing application performance needs are also spiking due to the increase of content like broadband mobile video and 4G communications. At the same time, telecommunications and computing equipment needs to take up less space, notes TI spokes... »

Things are humming along at EV Group

“Keeping busy” doesn’t begin to describe what’s happening at EV Group these days. I sat down with Markus Wimplinger, Corporate Technology Development and IP Director, EVG,  at SEMICON West for a full briefing of the company’s latest corporate and technology developments.  Remaining true to their mission of “invent, innovate, implement” gave us a lot to talk about. Technology Devel... »

IMEC Tech Forum Looks at Smartphones Today and in the Future

In this brave new world powered by consumer electronic devices that cater to the user experience, smartphones and tablets are in the driver’s seat; pushing researchers to the very limits of possibility. At imec’s technology form on Smartphones, held for the first time during SEMICON West, researchers from the institute and guest experts shared vision and progress with invited attendees. In hi... »

Imec Demonstrates 3D-Integrated DRAM-on-logic

Imec and its 3D integration partners have proven the potential of 3D integration of a commercial DRAM chip on top of a logic IC for next-generation low-power mobile applications. Imec’s applied 3D EDA (electronic design automation) tools including thermal models have proven to be valuable means to design next-generation 3D stacked ICs. The 3D stack resembles as close as possible to future comme... »

Hey Intel, get your own buzzword…

So there I was, listening to Eric Beyne talk about the importance of co-developing advanced CMOS and 3D ICs because one directly affects the other, when my thoughts turned to once again to FinFets (is this what he means by advanced CMOS?) I wondered whether these so-called 3D transistor structures would affect the planarity of the wafer, thereby making stacking difficult. In my naiveté, I did wha... »

Thermocompression Bonding for Microbump Flip Chip Soldering

An excerpt from  the Semiconductor Assembly Blog by Andy C. Mackie, Global Product Manager for Indium Corporation's Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials. For reasons that I will discuss in a post later this year, a common factor that is emerging in the area of copper-pillar microbump 2.5D and 3D joining, is the adoption of thermocompression (TC) bonding for flip-chip flux/microbump sold... »

The SEMICON West Reception Crawl

Yes, there were lots of great conference sessions, keynotes, and products and technologies being showcased at SEMICON West 2011 (I have the notebook full of notes to prove it) but everyone knows that the measure of a truly successful SEMICON West lies in the network opportunities and the receptions following all that heady stuff.  I promise to get to all of that because I’ve got lots to say, bu... »

SEMATECH Forum Promotes 3D Interconnect Standards Development

SEMATECH has announced a new online 3D Standards Dashboard solution to help meet the demand for an open, centralized forum for members of the 3D interconnect community to discuss and exchange information on standards activities. The 3D Standards Dashboard aims to promote the development of standards and encourage widespread participation in standardization efforts for heterogeneous 3D integration. »


I just got back from the IWLPC 2011 in Santa Clara, and my head is full of commentary just begging to be dumped on a page. This year’s agenda was jam packed with 3D discussion — plenary talks by Matt Nowak of Qualcomm and John Lau of ITRI, a panel on 3D infrastructure, and the 2.5D/3D debate — which was great for me and the rest of the 3D InCites community, but I kind of felt bad for the MEM... »

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