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Alchimer’s Wet Deposition Products Licensed for MEMS 3D Research

Alchimer, provider of nanometric deposition technology for through-silicon vias (TSVs), semiconductor interconnects, MEMS and other electronic applications, announced that the Centre de Collaboration MiQro Innovation / MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) has licensed its suite of products. The C2MI, which includes a state-of-the-art MEMS facility, was launched in 2009 by Université of S... »

Leti Develops C2W Direct Metallic Bonding Technology for Customized 300mm Device Bonder

CEA-Leti has announced a multi-partner project to demonstrate high-alignment-accuracy ( »

Baby Needs a New Smart Phone

Its official – having a cell phone has become more important to people than wearing shoes. You think I’m kidding? I heard it twice in the past two weeks; most recently during a presentation given by Bill McClean, of IC Insights at the Arizona Chapter of IMAPS luncheon last week. He offered up these statistics: There are 6.8B people in the world. Worldwide cell phone subscriptions just passed 5... »

And in My Spare Time…..

Things have been pretty crazy lately, what with wearing several hats and all. I spent two days in Silicon Valley last week visiting some companies on behalf of Chip Scale Review, and also at SEMI for an Advanced Packaging Committee meeting for SEMICON West to hammer out the 3D program.  When I wasn’t in meetings, I was working on a project in my latest role as principal analyst, Advanced Packag... »

3D: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

This column by Francoise von Trapp appeared in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Chip Scale Review It sums up a lot of what was said at various 3D IC events over the past few months. A year ago, there were still skeptics in the room at the annual 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging conference, sponsored by RTI’s Tech Venture Forum. This year, not a single hand went up when Phi... »

Ziptronix Announces Industry’s Lowest Distortion Capability For Backside Illuminated Image Sensor Applications

Ziptronix Inc., the leading developer of direct bonding technology for advanced semiconductor applications, announced today that recent collaborations with major image-sensor manufacturers have shown that the Ziptronix ZiBondTM direct bonding process contributes minimum distortion in backside illuminated (BSI) image sensors. “In addition to confirming that the Ziptronix direct bonding technolog... »

Ziptronix Signs Licensing Agreement with Sony

Ziptronix, Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with Sony Corporation for the use of Ziptronix’s patents regarding oxide bonding technology for backside illumination imaging sensors. “We believe that Ziptronix’s patented oxide bonding technology, called ZiBond™, enables the industry’s lowest distortion for imaging systems utilizing backside illumination” said Dan Donabedian, CEO of Z... »

Will Write for Food (Or Random Thoughts from ECTC 2011)

  As dedicated as I am to the 3D integration cause, there’s not much that will get me out of bed for a 7am presentation….unless, of course, food is involved. Honestly, images of free breakfast is what got me to show up for Rao Tummala’s presentation on Georgia Tech’s Packaging Research Center’s research activities on 3D systems. It was a good turnout, and Rao’s overview focused on t... »

EV Group: Progress on Advanced C2W Bonding

When it comes to 3D chip stacking, chip-to-wafer (C2W) processes have proven to be the way to go for stacking known-good-die (KGD) for best yields, or if the dies being stacked are of different size. Unfortunately, sequential C2W processes have historically been time consuming, achieving low throughput; making it a costly approach. Several approaches are under development to address this; all »

CEA-Leti and Partners Develop System to Monitor Public-Safety Personnel in Dangerous Situations

CEA-Leti and its partners have developed a system combining motion-capture and precise indoor localization. The goal of this device is improving the safety of firefighters and other public-safety personnel in buildings and other confined areas such as underground parking lots. CASSIDIAN, 3D Plus, and SDIS, the emergency-response service for the Rhone region, are Leti’s partners in the Demoloc Pr... »