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Simulation and Modeling Tools enable 3D MEMS Systems

One of the main themes of last week’s MEMS Executive Congress was to “think outside the chip” (Roger Grace, of Roger Grace Associates) and rather, think of MEMS in terms of the system.  However, to do that, there needs to be interaction between everyone involved in developing said system, including the MEMS designer, IC designer, the system architecture and the firmware that ties it all tog... »

TSVs Find Their Way into Prototypes

Designing and building a prototype MEMS device with TSVs in it is pretty much unheard of.  As Alissa Fitzgerald, Ph.D., founder and managing member of AM Fitzgerald &Associates explains it, TSVs don’t get introduced into a device until it’s in volume production, rather MEMS devices are developed with either a TSV or wire bond option. “Once the device is in mass production, you can thin... »

Jim Walker’s Crystal Ball

Ok, maybe I should say Gartner’s crystal ball, but whenever Jim Walker delivers a presentation based on Gartner research, he always interjects his own personal opinion, which in this industry, is a very brave thing to do. I, for one, appreciate that personal touch because if I’m lucky enough to be in the room, I get some nuggets of information that you can’t get just by reviewing the presen... »

European PRO3D Consortium Takes on the Memory Wall

In developing an application to integrate 128 processors on a single chip, ST Microelectronics turned to Leti for assistance. To take on this task, Leti called in reinforcements, organizing and launching the European PRO3D Consortium, with ultimate goal of developing a holistic approach to system design that encompasses software, architecture and 3D integration. 3D Incites spoke with Ahmed Jerray... »

Building the 3D Central Nervous System

As human beings, we take a lot of things for granted; breathing, for example, or our heart beating when it should. I don’t imagine many of us actually think about the neural pathways transmitting messages to our brain and then to the involuntary muscle groups that make sure we keep breathing, blood keeps pumping, etc. »

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