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Planes, Trains and Automobiles….

Oh…..and a bus. It takes one of each to get to Newport, South Wales from Munich. »

Manish’s Market Moment

For me, SEMICON West is never complete until I’ve had my sit-down with Manish Ranjan of Ultratech. He follows the market, and somehow puts it all into perspective for me, often supporting my own intuition with hard data. Plus he’s a wealth of historical knowledge. »

Willkommen in Österreich!

Note to self: when visiting a class 10 clean room that requires full clean room attire (bonnet, booties, coverall, hood and boots) don’t wear a skirt! »

SEMICON West: Success for 3D –focused Companies

Is it mere co-incidence that companies who have invested in 3D technologies seem to have escaped the effects of the downturn and are the companies poised to lead industry growth? I think not. In speaking with various 3D companies at SEMICON West, they all seemed to have good news to share about the past year and moving forward. Alchimer CEO Steve Lerner talked about the company's latest additio... »

Extending Legacy Technologies into the 3D Space

While TSVs technologies make their way out of R&D on to the manufacturing floor, improvements and developments in non-TSV 3D packaging approaches continue to make waves in the industry. It only stands to reason that for companies already involved in high-volume manufacturing either as a supplier, packaging foundry, or licensor of legacy technology, that improvements affecting existing 3D pack... »

SEMICON West has come and gone…..

Time for a little reflection… can we say that there was an air of optimism at SEMICON West this year? I would offer a resounding “YES!” especially when you compare it to last year – when many of us were barely clinging to the precipice. »

Alchimer Receives Equity Investment From Panasonic Corporation

Alchimer S.A., a provider of nanometric deposition technology for through-silicon vias (TSV), semiconductor interconnects, and other electronic applications, announced today that Panasonic Corporation has become an equity investor in the company. »

SPTS Triples Revenue in 1st Half 2010 over 1st Half 2009

Exhibiting for the first time at SEMICON West 2010 as the newly-formed SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS), the company is pleased to report its first 9 months of positive growth. »

EV Group Capitalizes MEMS Market Leadership, Further Diversifies Business with 3D IC and LED Manufacturing Technology Advances

Company to share key developments and highlights at SEMICON West »

Do You Tweet?

Is the semiconductor industry ready for social media? Based on MCA’s Social Media Panel discussion on Monday evening, maybe not quite ready, but curious and open to the idea? Definitely. »

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