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eWLB Manufacturer selects SPTS as a partner for their 300mm Roadmap

Semiconductor equipment manfacturer, SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS) announced that it has shipped a 300mm Sigma® fxPTM PVD system and a 300mm RVP300 furnace »

Another Link in Leti’s Design Flow Chain

Leti’s recent press release about the common lab agreement between CEA Leti and Docea Power inspired another chat with Ahmed Jerraya, Leti’s research director and head of strategic design programs. »

Elpida, PTI, and UMC Partner on 3D IC Integration Development

Elpida Memory Inc., Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI), and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), have entered into a 3-way cooperation to advance 3D IC integration technologies for advanced processes including 28nm. »

CMP/CMC/MOSIS partner to introduce a 3D-IC process

CMP/CMC/MOSIS announced a Grenoble-France based partnership for a 3D-IC multi-project wafer (MPW) service based on Tezzaron’s SuperContact technology and GLOBALFOUNDRIES 130nm CMOS. CMP brokers ICs and MEMS for prototyping and low volume production. Circuits are fabricated for universities, research laboratories and industrial companies. »

Alchimer Introduces Via Fill Technology

Alchimer S.A. has announced a groundbreaking advanced technology for filling narrow, high-aspect-ratio TSVs while significantly reducing the need for chemical components in the metallization process. »

Boooooo to the Naysayers

Ok, I’m annoyed. I just read an article (thanks for pointing me to it Gretchen Patti) that appeared last week in EE Times, Is TSV Ready for Prime Time or Not? reporting VSLI’s research presented at IITC a few weeks ago . »

Strategic Restructuring of the SUSS MicroTec Group

SUSS MicroTec has announced its decision to relocate its Substrate Bonder division to Germany this year. The division is currently based in Waterbury, Vermont, USA. »

ECTC 2010 Panel Examines the Medical Device Market

Keith Cooper, Technology and Development, SET North America reports from ECTC 2010's Medical Device Market Panel, offering a view beyond the packaging lab, into the progress and potential of the medical devices that will benefit from 3D integration technologies. A discussion panel on medical devices opened this year’s Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Las Vegas. Chaire... »

EDA Vendors; Ramped and Ready for 3D

Due to extenuating circumstances, (Ok, truth: I’d just returned from a much needed 2 week vacation) I was unable to attend the GSA EDA 3D event at DAC in person last evening. »

CEA-Leti and Docea Power to Combine Expertise on 3D Integration, Thermal and Low-power Design

French research insitute, CEA-Leti and Docea Power, developers of software for power and thermal analysis at the architectural level, have entered into a common lab agreement to combine their expertise in 3D silicon integration and thermal and low-power design. »

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