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2009 Reflections in 3D

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for a almost a year. »

A good year for 3D start-ups

Ever since my Advanced Packaging days, I’ve been drawn to follow what’s going on with the start-up companies. Their news is exciting. »

Design community speaks out on 3D

I think maybe the design community is tired of being referred to as “a limitation” just because the tools aren’t ready yet. I think they are also tired of being the scape goat. »

What the packaging foundries had to say….

Friday was the OSATs turn to offer their status reports with regard to market readiness for 3D TSV production. »

Entrepix smooths the path to 3D integration

These days when someone says foundry service one more often than not thinks of large HVM facilities in Asia churning out wafers for companies around the world.  Tempe, AZ-based Entrepix however, is a company that breaks that stereotype.  It is a provider of CMP and surface conditioning solutions that are being extensively used by many of today’s major IDMs.   »

Semi Standards – a 3D conundrum?

I got into an interesting conversation recently with Steve Dwyer, of EV Group, about the puzzling situation 3D IC integration is posing with regard to existing Semi Standards, and those yet to be established as 3D IC integration processes are developed. »

Setting the record straight on TMV and TSV

After attending Curtis Zwenger’s presentation introducing Amkor’s latest contribution to the package-on-package (PoP) family based on the company’s proprietary through mold via (TMV) technology, I feel compelled to correct some misinformation I read last week on a colleague’s blog. »

Other 3Ds: HIDING DIES/HERMES projects update

Tuesday’s post, which referenced the Fraunhofer IZM’s work in embedded die technologies to achieve 3D packages, reminded me that I hadn't seen much in the news about it since the announcement of HERMES partnership with Flip Chip International last July, following the launch of FCI’s Embeddable Die Customization (EDC) technology. HERMES is the follow-on project to HIDING DIES, and is focused ... »