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SPP completes acquisition of Aviza Technology assets

STS and Aviza brands to be unified as SPP Process Technology Systems »

3D Architectures: Day One Talking Points

They brought in a few of the big guns today (Intel, IBM, TSMC) to offer perspectives and updates on the commercialization of 3D integration. As with most big guns, they played things rather close to the vest, reticent to share too much too soon, knowing that all ears were turned on them. Still, the attendees were rewarded with a few choice nuggets of insight. »

Filled vs. conformal vias: the consensus

Dr. Zhang, I think we have reached a verdict. Bob Patti wrote in to confirm Anonymous Caller’s statement regarding polymer-filled, copper-lined TSVs, and also provided some additional data to support his comments. I’ve taken the liberty of paraphrasing his comments here: With the caveat that he is not a “big fan” of conformal vias, and merely providing data, Bob stated: »

Sound Bites from IMAPS Global Business Council

Yesterday, a full line up of industry experts offered their perspective of supply chain developments for 3D packaging, in addition to general commentary on what needs to occur to solve current technology limitations. In no particular order, here’s a collection of evocative comments I collected throughout the day. »

Other 3Ds: The many uses for LCP

Last fall before SEMICON Europa, Andreas Ostmann, manager of the embedding and substrate technologies group, Fraunhofer IZM, spent some time with me explaining what he decribed as 3 distinct levels of 3D packaging. The first was die stacking through TSV. »